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Last Post 9/8/2009 6:08 PM by  KenC
Integration with M3 over db2cli.dll?
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Daniel Schealler
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8/25/2009 3:36 AM
     Hey there,

    I work as a software developer for an EDI/integration company. One of our clients uses M3, and we've created an integration solution to an application (also belonging to my company) that templates EDI with a third-party.

    Our integration solution to M3 is running as a service. It connects to M3 over the iSeries ODBC adapter for Windows.

    As the project has grown, the number of actions we're running over iSeries has gone up. We're starting to get very regular deadlocking issues - it appears that the iSeries ODBC is not entirely thread-safe.

    I've been brought on to try and research a solution to the problem, but I'm having some difficulty discovering a solution. I've got the impression that iSeries is a gateway for a DB2 database that runs behind M3. If that's correct, is there a way for me to connect to that DB2 database using the native db2cli.dll library, without having to go through iSeries.

    I'm in a bit of a bind over this one. M3 is also new to me, so if I haven't provided enough information I apologize - I'm not even entirely sure what information would be required. Let me know, and I can find it.

    Thanks for your time reading this.
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    9/8/2009 6:08 PM
    Actually the System i DB2 DBMS is an embedded part of the operating system, The old version of M3 (formerly called Movex) used RPG to directly access the database. The current Java version used JDBC.

    In  your case I'd suggest that you abandon ODBC and use one of the other data access providers that are available:


    Good luck!