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Last Post 12/17/2021 9:33 PM by  Jason Beard
Default value when using inline create
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Jason Beard
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12/17/2021 9:33 PM

    I have a custom list on EmployeeTimerecord that implements inline create The list is called from the PayPeriodDates.PayPeriodMgr list and is a configuration of the delivered Manager Space my staff time entry.

    The fields HROrganization/Employee/WorkAssignment default in.  I beleive that is because those are the keys from PayPeriodDates.

    I need "job" to default so that the pay code drop down is correct as we have configured pay codes by jobs.

    I've tried various combinations of propagated from... but nothing will get the value to show.  Despite the fact that WorkAssignment is defaulting... I tried customizing a drop down on pay code to be where Job=WorkAssignment.Job but this is not being recognized.  I added the Job field to the parent context and attempted to propogate from that to no avail...

    any assistance is appreciated.

    Jason Beard