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Last Post 11/06/2013 7:03 AM by  Kwane McNeal
Inquiry: Vendor Support per Version
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11/06/2013 5:17 AM
    Our company is currently using Lawson 9.0.1 S3
    we used Lawson 9 for around 2 years before we jumped to Lawson 9.0.1

    Does anyone know how long will infor support our current version before we HAVE to upgrade so they will continue to support us? Is there are fixed time frame? or it varies from version to version?
    Kwane McNeal
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    11/06/2013 7:03 AM
    Generally, the length of support of a component product of S3 is determined by the strategic importance to Infor, the time it takes to move to the next phase of the long term strategy (eg: branding, technology stacks), and complexity of the transition process to that next phase.

    With that stated, be mindful of a few general goals and policies of the former Lawson Software with respect to product support:
    1) Technology support usually ends before or at the same time as the corresponding S3 business application
    2) Products are usually supported at least 3 years, or until two subsequent major releases are GA
    3) The published Support Matrix is the final authority on this matter
    4) Support usually ends on 5/31 (end of the fiscal year) of a given year, but not always
    5) A 3rd party vendor product is usually de-supported on the same date the vendor does

    I believe Infor is going to be using the same model going forward, though that is subject to change to suit it's strategic aims and goals.
    As for 9.0.1 specifically, the support matrix generally stated 2016. I have heard Charles Phillips (CEO) state the company was either willing to commit to 2017, but I don't think I have ever seen that formally in the Support Matrix.

    Also be mindful that auxiliary products, such as LSO or LBI have different support timelines, unrelated to the Core S3 suite.

    If you have any questions specific to the needs/requirements of your organization, feel free to give me a call directly.