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Last Post 01/31/2018 4:18 AM by  Kwane McNeal
Looking for support options OTHER than InforXtreme
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L Neu
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01/30/2018 7:53 PM

    Wondering if other clients have been successful in getting support for their applications outside of Infor. Any other vendors out there that folks use as their support model to help troubleshoot and fix issues?


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    Kwane McNeal
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    01/31/2018 4:18 AM
    The way you've worded your question could be answered in one of two ways:
    1) Support IN LIEU OF Infor: Yes, but there are some caveats
    2) Support IN TANDEM WITH Infor: Regularly

    IF you are speaking of #1, I know of a few clients, all exhibiting a number of commonalities:
    - Older Clients, running LSF and S3, usually for more than 10-15 years
    - DO NOT have suites that need regulatory updates, such as Vertex and Payroll
    - Heavily customized applications and/or entirely custom suites
    - Running on deprecated platforms, such as Compaq UNIX or IBM AS400
    - Have access to the development resources to maintain the existing codebase indefinitely
    ...you will note, that a major downside is the loss of software updates from the vendor. Historically clients had one alternate vendor to obtain those from, but that option no longer exists

    IF you are speaking of #2, this is normal operations in the industry. The best reason is that while Infor can be domain experts at the product and its intended usage, it is VERY difficult for them to allow customizability while retaining expert knowledge of the client's usage of the software. Typically a good third party vendor will know the client's internal needs, while leveraging the vendor's knowledge of the product, updates to the product, and regulatory concerns related to the product maintenance. Additionally, the third party vendor can direct and assist in filling gaps in the product function relevant to the client.

    Now, I detect a hint that you intended #1. You may find it helpful to look up a company like Remini Street and Oracle, and review the mess of litigation that has transpired, and is ongoing, and the impact to the clients. That would be a key reason there is really no option #1 today.