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Last Post 10/31/2022 2:30 PM by  Kat V
Procedure Info Missing In GHX
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10/25/2022 6:13 PM

    We have started using procedure information for certain vendors and have also enabled the data onto PO's (PO10.1). We have checked a few PO's that were transmitted through GHX and see that the Serial and Lot numbers are listed correctly at GHX but some of the other fields like Physician Name, Procedure Date, and Case Number are not appearing. Do they need to "turn something on"? Do we need to change to a different "MAP" or "PROCESS"(ED10) for this to be sent?

    I am not sure it's on our Lawson side or the GHX side.

    It's showing "x's" instead of the Procedure Information for Physician Name, Procedure Date, and Case Number 

    Kat V
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    10/31/2022 2:30 PM
    Check PO01.5 - From PO01.1 go to PO Issue and click Procedure Info Output button - that should take you to the screen. Make sure the column for EDI says Y on anything you want to send.
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