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Last Post 10/16/2020 5:04 PM by  Kat V
Please Advise: What after Laswson S3 V10
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10/08/2020 10:43 AM
    Hi Lawson Experts:

    We updated to Lawson S3 financial V10 (on-prem) in 2015 from V9 in 2015 ad are currently on V10.0.9. We are not sure if we should upgrade to the next version. From what i have read:

    The next version after V10 for Lawson S3 financial is the Cloudsuite Financials. It does not seem like there will be a Lawson S3 V11. Is it true that that the cloudsuite financial technology stack is very different from S3 V10 and migrating to it will be a big lift ? If that is true we would like to look at other vendors as well including Workday to determine our next steps

    Also, is it true that Infor may retire Lawson v10 in a few years so it is prudent to start looking at upgrading at this stage ? It does seem like all product development and innovation is geared around cloudsuite.

    Appreciate your help on the points above. Thank you .
    Kat V
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    10/16/2020 5:04 PM
    Yes - Lawson v10 is the last "Lawson" - Infor Cloudsuite FSM replaces it.

    Yes, it's a big enough change here that it triggered our RFP process to look at the market before committing to Cloudsuite.

    That said - they just got payroll working so we're likely not going to see a sunset on Lawson support until 2025 at least.
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