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Last Post 12/05/2017 12:42 PM by  dcasper70
Where do SQL Procs go???
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12/05/2017 12:42 PM
    IPD v11.0.1.43,  single tenant, cloud, SQL Server.

    A developer had created a SQL Procedure using the 'Create/Update SQL Procedure' option. 

    Now that proc is available to me in the 'Run SQL Procedure' option -> Select -> 'SQL Procedure Selector' window.

    Original developer then deleted that SQL node from his original flow.  The proc exists, but we don't have a copy of the original source.

    Is there any way for us to view the SQL behind that proc?

    Does it actually create a stored procedure on the SQL Server database?  If so, where? Which db/schema?  If not, is it in a delivered table/business class that I can query and see the SQL source code?


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