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Article Series on Design Studio, Part 7: It Takes a Wizard

This installment of our article series on Lawson Design Studio focuses on the Wizard Designer component. Wizard Designer is definitely the least-used component of Lawson Design Studio; I can honestly say that I haven't met many clients who have actually used it!  Read More..

Karen Sheridanreplied to: RE: Creating a New Security Class via Bulk Import in LID

Yes, look at the commands lsdump and lsload.

8 minutes ago

RNollcreated the topic: Creating a New Security Class via Bulk Import in LID

Hello, I have to create several new security classes for Lawson.  Instead of using LSA to manually add each Table and Token is there a template t...

4 hours ago

Nekimia7378Can someone share some information for implementing the XM application in Lawson V10?

21 hours ago

    Ragu Raghavanreplied to: RE: IOS error on AGS calls

    Never mind. There was a Time-stamp field, that I was populating with HHMMSS. Looks like even though it is stored in the DB as HHMMSS, code need to fo...

    22 hours ago

    Kat Vreplied to: RE: Special RQC to PO Lawson Item number

    Suggested Vendor is just what the Drill Around calls Vendor - you'll see it for item master items as well. If you are on v10 and have the audit turned...

    22 hours ago

    Kat Vreplied to: RE: MSCM - New Device Advice

    We're rolling out the TC51s as they play nice with our IT requirements. We have had an issue with the ADFS upgrade we did - there's a patch but the p...

    22 hours ago

    bruppcreated the topic: MSCM - New Device Advice

    Hello All - We currently use Zebra MC55A & are looking to upgrade.  Android OS has been recommended.  We are currently on

    22 hours ago

    Ragu Raghavancreated the topic: IOS error on AGS calls

    Env 10.0.9, Windows

    Apps: 10.0.MSP7

    so I have this new custom 4GL screen. Works in LID and Portal. However when I try to do an AGS call from Des...

    22 hours ago

    Strugglingreplied to: RE: MSCM upload error

    Thanks Mike, but this issue is different from missing unit cost. The requisition does release, the items with errors do not order. The error message i...

    1 day ago

    Mike Bernhardreplied to: RE: MSCM upload error

    Hi The most common cause of mscm reqs not auto releasing is pricing. For nonstock items this means a price agreement is missing. For stock items it m...

    1 day ago

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