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Article Series on Design Studio, Part 1: What Is It?

It’s time to kick off another LawsonGuru Letter article series. Last time we did this, it was a series on reporting—which ended up being comprised of over a dozen articles. This time, we’re going to take an in-depth look at Lawson Design Studio. The length of this series is still open-ended, and I’ll continue to add to it as time (and reader feedback, of course!) permits.

In the first couple of articles, the primary objective is to lay the groundwork. We will explore Lawson Design Studio: What it is, what you can do with it, where it fits and when you should use (and more importantly, should not use) it.

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Jimmiecreated the topic: V11 IC527

IC527 Replacement in Cloudsuite

1 day ago

Dennis Amorycreated the topic: GL01.4 flags

GL01.4 flags have been reset. need to know what caused it.

1 day ago

TBonneycreated the topic: Nbr Months Worked

Is Nbr of months worked tracked anywhere

1 day ago

pjnowakreplied to: RE: GHR Turnover Reporting

We use this complex SQL query in an IPA to produce a csv file of employment changes that can be imported into Excel. It was developed to notify the Pa...

1 day ago

SShaffercreated the topic: Company Address on Pay Stub view...

Company Address on Pay Stub view...

3 days ago

maalimsimoreplied to: RE: BSI 9 to 10 Upgrade on UNIX/ORACLE

Hello, has anyone successfully upgraded from Taxfactory 10 to 11 using BSI technical documentation? I have seen at least 3 different documents that al...

3 days ago

Kat Vreplied to: RE: Purchase Order Year End Close

PO Close is the same month end or year end. Your exact steps will depend on how your organization runs the PO199. Are you allowing unreleased PO Rec...

4 days ago

Rani Ilapareplied to: RE: Ma540 sample

Hello , Can someone help us with the Query for uploads for matching? or sample CSV upload file. There was file attached on top. But I am not able to o...

5 days ago

Terry Wilsonreplied to: RE: GHR Turnover Reporting

I use these two records which hold history to get a before and after value:

S_EMPL = Employee Record History

S_EMPWA = Workassignment Record His...

5 days ago

Tom Zydelreplied to: RE: GHR Turnover Reporting

Hi Beth:

Full disclosure: Dashboard Gear is a software/services firm that provides a reporting & analytics platform for Infor customers. Our to...

5 days ago

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