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Article Series on Design Studio, Part 2: How Does It Work and Where Does It Fit?

In this article we continue our in-depth look at Lawson Design Studio--how it works, and where it fits within the overall Lawson architecture.

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FireGeek21replied to: RE: Update configuration settings via IPD

I cannot run it locally.  If I have any connection to the Lawson/Infor, I cannot run it locally unless I bypass that Lawson/Infor connection.&nbs...

5 hours ago

FireGeek21replied to: RE: Update configuration settings via IPD

Sorry, seems the site change my code to Value="". I actually have in quotes. I hope by adding spaces you can see what I actually have in that Value...

6 hours ago

FireGeek21replied to: RE: Update configuration settings via IPD

Steph, I do this all the time - very helpful to be able to write to the configurations! Remote call failed tells me you don't have a "Configurat...

6 hours ago

David Williamsreplied to: RE: Update configuration settings via IPD

_dataArea="mydataarea" & _module="pfi" & _objectName="PfiConfigurationProperty" & _actionName="Update" & _actionOperator="NONE" & _actionType="CreateU...

6 hours ago

Steph76created the topic: Update configuration settings via IPD

Update configuration settings via IPD

6 hours ago

Vijay Screated the topic: GHR to Data Lake interface

sorry for the noob question but Is there out of the box CSF to Infor Data Lake integrations available like there are for CSF to Data Lake.

1 day ago

chadgornickreplied to: RE: Update verbiage in Employee Self-Service Lawson

John, Thank you for the response. Do you know where I would navigate to when finding the value to change? I am having a hard time finding the...

3 days ago

rlongcreated the topic: 2020 W4 EMSS update issue...anyone?

I am not sure if this is where I need to ask, but maybe someone here can help. So far I am not getting any response on the lawson community page, and ...

4 days ago

kiaraHow to change effective date of an action with history errors. PA 54 is not letting me do

4 days ago

    John Henleyreplied to: RE: Update verbiage in Employee Self-Service Lawson

    The number is calculated as the number you have on hs06 minus the number set up for the employee. So if hs06 is 6, and employee has 4 set up already, ...

    4 days ago

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