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Article Series on Design Studio, Part 6: A Case Study

By David Williams, Paradigm ERP.
A look at how one of Paradigm's clients, a major hospital chain in Miami, used Design Studio to add a Transfer action on PA52 – Individual Action when an internal applicant’s acceptance was keyed on PA45 – Requisition Offers.

  Read More..

Kwane McNealreplied to: RE: SSL Error

Sounds like a possible issue with BouncyCastle See if the configuration and files for it is still intact

2 hours ago

ChuckMcreated the topic: SSL Error

SSL Error After iSeries PTFs installed

4 hours ago

Bob Canhamcreated the topic: Stale Date/Escheat a small group of checks

We normally escheat our AP checks on a regular schedule. However, our patient accounting department has done due diligence on some of our patient ref...

12 hours ago

Healthcare_818created the topic: Minimum Order Functionality

Order Management

1 day ago

Healthcare_818replied to: RE: IC141 & IC142 and Vendor Minimum Orders

Can anyone tell me if Lawson has the capability to enter a minimum order requirement for a vendor. For example, if a user of Lawson enters an order, d...

1 day ago

bruppreplied to: RE: Purchase Order Cost Review Message (MA66.3) comments

Here's the SQL - maybe there's something here that would help? I don't know SQL & really don't understand how comments work to be honest Good Luck!...

1 day ago

clb393created the topic: Note To Buyer field in RQ10 vendor drill down

I'm trying to query the Note to Buyer field, which resides in the RQ10 Vendor field drill down. Can anyone tell me what database table I can find that...

1 day ago

DustinVreplied to: RE: Getting SSL Error when trying to access Smart Office

I'm also getting same SSL Cert Message. However. I'm not seeing any errors when going into the Grid.html. Advice?

1 day ago

Russell Spreemanreplied to: RE: LSF

Thanks - I am looking at all their documentation and going to try and get it on my PC to where it installs.

Do you have any users who connect via...

1 day ago

Jeff Whitereplied to: RE: LSF

I've downloaded and installed everything it asked for, but the SSH buttons are still grayed out. I haven't done any research into what else I need to...

1 day ago

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