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Article Series on Design Studio, Part 8: Portal Page Designer

Getting back to our Lawson Design Studio article series, we’ll explore some features of the Portal Page Designer.   Like the UI Designer, the Portal Page Designer includes two sets of tools:

  • The Portal Page Designer itself, which let’s you create composite pages from Lawson (and non-Lawson) application forms.
  • To create even more complex customizations, you combine JavaScript (including Design Studio-specific objects) with the Portal Page Designer.
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Orlando Grayreplied to: RE: Masking sensitive employee data in the database

John, you wouldn't happen to have samples of these said scripts would you? We are in an Oracle environment, however, if you have something in SQL we c...

21 hours ago

vicentaTcreated the topic: pr13 -

W4 and State Withholding Forms

1 day ago

Scooterreplied to: RE: Removing Identities with IPA

Thanks everyone for your solutions.

1 day ago

Joy Currinreplied to: RE: Removing Identities with IPA

We currently 1) disable accounts 2) remove roles and groups 3) remove the Requester Identity if it exists using an RMTXN node with an action of del...

1 day ago

Kyle Jorgensenreplied to: RE: Removing Identities with IPA

We do this via a Landmark Transaction within a Landmark Transaction loop. The 'outside loop' finds all identities for a given actor (module=securit...

1 day ago

Scooterreplied to: RE: Removing Identities with IPA

Can Landmark Transaction node delete an employee's Identity (e.g. SSOP)? If yes, what Module and Object Name do we use? Thanks.

1 day ago

JimYreplied to: RE: Removing Identities with IPA

When an employee leaves our organization we disable them on the LSF and Landmark sides, but don't remove their identities because they may come back. ...

1 day ago

Scootercreated the topic: Removing Identities with IPA

Remove employee's Identities from Infor Rich Client

1 day ago

wiedemmccb195 cannot close

2 days ago

    Scooterreplied to: RE: How to calculate last day of current month

    Thanks Kyle. I was able to calculate the last day of the month using IPA functions but it took many more lines of code than your simpler code. I'll...

    2 days ago

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