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Article Series on Design Studio, Part 1: What Is It?

It’s time to kick off another LawsonGuru Letter article series. Last time we did this, it was a series on reporting—which ended up being comprised of over a dozen articles. This time, we’re going to take an in-depth look at Lawson Design Studio. The length of this series is still open-ended, and I’ll continue to add to it as time (and reader feedback, of course!) permits.

In the first couple of articles, the primary objective is to lay the groundwork. We will explore Lawson Design Studio: What it is, what you can do with it, where it fits and when you should use (and more importantly, should not use) it.

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thummel1created the topic: Migrating Data Sources

Did I migrate a Data Source in error?

36 minutes ago

Erikreplied to: RE: Environment commands for Portal security

To assign a group to a job go into jobdef, identify the Step you want to associate with the group, do a define, and select Report Distribution. Then f...

1 hour ago

Jeremyreplied to: RE: Discount Date - 810

Without seeing the full 810 EDI file, it's hard for me to offer much advise. I often use a program called EDI Notepad that helps out a LOT. It will ...

2 hours ago

David Williamsreplied to: RE: WH32.1

WH32 is used to provide shipping feedback for pick tickets if you're not using MSCM.

18 hours ago

Bev Edwardscreated the topic: WH32.1

WH32 and how it is used in day to day operations

18 hours ago

Greg Moellerreplied to: RE: Fax Integrator

There are settings within the Fax Integrator app itself that tell it where to look for the fax files.... and whether to ftp or to read from a shared f...

19 hours ago

Woozyreplied to: RE: PFI to IPA Landmark transaction

Hi Daniel,
It appears that you (or whoever built the call) are making some assumptions in your query that are not correct.  Landmark is pretty f...

19 hours ago

Kat Vreplied to: RE: PO25 Item found but is inactive

PO13.3 does not care about stock/non-stock. It cares about the part number and will not let you create a duplicate part number per vendor number. ...

21 hours ago

kcmillercreated the topic: PO25 Item found but is inactive

We had a stock item and a non-stock (set up erroneously) for the same item.  The non-stock has been inactivated in IC11, IC12, and PO13.3; howeve...

21 hours ago

Kyle Jorgensencreated the topic: Custom Java Trigger API for IPA

Custom Java Trigger API - Expanded Documentation?

22 hours ago

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