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Last Post 10/11/2013 4:27 PM by  Michelle Wetzel
Vendor Returns
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10/11/2013 4:27 PM
    Question for you all.  We are using PO31 for vendor returns but we do not put in the handing fees/restocking fees since we do not always know until the credit arrives how much those will actually be.

    When the credit arrives and inputted into AP20, if it is for any amount less than the return amount, the return does not close and continues to display on PO231 (Vendor Return report).

    AP came up with a work around that solved the problem for a while. They began putting in the credit for the full amount of the return but adding a debit line for the amount of the fees. This enabled Lawson to fully close the return and the vendor to clear their statement as we took only the amount on the credit.

    However we put in a patch to fix an issue with PO135 and it seems to have "fixed" this issue as well.  Has anyone else seen this happening? Do you have feel for if this was a helpful bug that has now been fixed or is truly a glitch now?

    We have a ticket open with Lawson regarding the trouble we are having with the patch but so far the response has been . .. "huh . . .it should work".  We haven't even asked yet about the vendor return thing so I thought I'd see if anyone on here at any thoughts.


    You are not authorized to post a reply.