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    I run the AC160 and add the asset in AM15.3 but when I run AM170, the Cost Basis for the Asset is a ridiculous number.  For example: It debits my asset account and credits my clearing for $85B.  However, in AC160, the amount being reclassed from CIP is correct, in AM20.3 the cost is correct...  I do not have a clue as to why it's incorrect in AM20.4 and in AM170.

    Please help. 
    Dave Mitchell
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      Good morning. This is an issue similar to the one we experienced, and solved via CTP 76370.

      A summary of the issue we had:

      "When items are released from AM15, the amount being “passed” to AM115, AM170, and the GL are incorrect. One posting was for $1,441,550,687,679,813.41."

      Hope this helps.
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