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Last Post 07/16/2019 8:28 AM by  Jay S
Automate Fill/Kill for PO Lines
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07/11/2019 3:56 PM

    Hello - We are going LUM/JIT with a vendor soon.  As PO's are issued, is there a way to automate the cancellation of a PO line when the vendor cannot fill it 100%?  Thanks.

    Kat V
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    07/15/2019 3:37 PM
    We've been JIT since 1998 but have always left Cancel Remaining up to the Buyer working their open orders. But you could build an IPA:
    When PO Line Received Qty > 0 and < PO Line Quantity, then Change Cancel Qty to PO Line Quantity - PO Line Received Qty and CHANGE.
    Run that nightly?

    Jay S
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    07/16/2019 8:28 AM

    We currently use the YNQ segment on the 856 to Cancel BOs for specific LUM/JIT accounts.  This required coordination with the vendor (Medline) to send only on the accounts we requested (not our Bulk Accounts)

    See Infor KB 1471128EDI Using YNQ Segment to set Cancel Backorder in MA531CSV   

    The benefit of this method as compared to using the PO10.1 or PO10.2 Cancel Back Order is that the YNQ is line specific.

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