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Last Post 04/15/2019 4:21 PM by  LaDora
Multiple areas for 1 requesting location
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04/15/2019 4:21 PM

    We use Requisition center to replenish an off-site facility. (NURSING HOME #2)  The nursing portion of the template was extremely huge and cumbersome.  We were able to make smaller templates in PO15 using the one location.  We used "where" the item was stocked to create the sub categories.  (ie-wound care, oxygen, briefs)  This really helps with pulling the items.  We can put all of one sub location into one box.  This also helps when they go to put the inventory away.  It has been a huge time saver.  However, when printing off the requisition, it only says NURSING HOME#2.  It does not list the "sub" locations. (wound care, oxygen, briefs)  Is there some way to have the secondary name print off on the requisition pull sheet?  If our regular requisition clerk is gone, we don't know what the sub areas are and therefore cannot label the bins properly.

    Thank You

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