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Last Post 05/08/2019 10:27 AM by  Kat V
Stockless Purchasing
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Lloyd Warnes
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05/06/2019 10:06 AM

    Have read through the guru threads on Stockless, but they're older and don't address a significant issue when using stockless purchasing.

    Stockless COULD be an amazing solution to manage what we call LUM (Lowest Unit of Measure) or generally JIT (Just In Time) stocking arrangements.

    Most PAR locations are replenished directly from the vendor, using totes delivered directly to the point of use without intermediary receiving/handling. These process through Lawson as NonStock orders (or should) - items that are ALSO inventory tracked at the central storeroom of course default to "I" type items causing inventory issue rather than NonStock PO's to be created.

    Stockless purchasing solution works well EXCEPT for two interconnected issues:

    UNIT OF MEASURE always overrides from the stockless contract. Contracts are usually written for the BUY UOM, which is not the LUM UOM needed for ordering, so quantities are forced to the BUY UOM. If a related IC12 record has a Default Source UOM set, RQC will continue to use the BUY UOM but throw an error when you try to add the line on the requisition requiring a change in the line detail...for every line.

    STOCKLESS CONTRACTS ARE EXCLUSIVE TO STOCKLESS LOCATIONS - If you flag a contract as Stockless, it will not default for any other location. This actually solves the first issue of UOM as you could setup the stockless contract with the appropriate UOM this now means you need to maintain a DUPLICATE CONTRACT for all your stockless items - for our LUM distirbution, this is about 380 Manufacturer Contracts linked through a Distributor Contract representing well over 10,000 lines.

    This is so close to being a tremendous solution...I am working incidents related to this with Infor GSC, and would welcome any comments regarding your solution to contracted LUM distributoin - I'd be very appreciative if I'm missing a setup that someone could point out for me - the documentation on Stockless is in the fashion on Lawson, very light in detail.

    Kat V
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    05/08/2019 10:27 AM
    We are completely JIT. Yes, the price file is for the Buy UOM, but on PO25, UOM Must Match is N(No). This allows the users in RQC to order by any valid buy uom flagged on IC11. For the stockless locations, we are not adding in IC12. Only our central supply locations have the IC12. The setups in PO01 look for the PO25 to pull a vendor and cost. It will default to the buy UOM on the contract, but can be overridden by template or by user in RQC. In your case, the IC81 would allow the valid buy UOM
    On PO25 if UOM Must Match is Y(Yes) then you'll need to add a line per UOM with the correct cost. (Do the math for it) and then use templates or IC81 to control which UOM the user sees.

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