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Last Post 1/5/2018 5:21 PM by  LawsonNewbieAnna
HR170 Reports Help
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1/5/2018 5:21 PM

    I am very new to Lawson and mostly use it in a functional way; I know a little technical navigation, but our Servers are Hosted by Infor.

    I have a user who uses HR Report Writer (HR170) to run reports. She selects her report (H170-Hours) from a drop down of reports that were previously made. After checking her parameters, running the report, and clicking "submit" on the dialog box she has been receiving this error: Error Invalid file. Must be in USERRPT. I've attached screen shots of the dialog box and error message.

    I have opened a ticket with Infor, but she needs the report for a Compensation meeting on Monday. Can anyone tell me what this means? Is it anything I can fix on my side in regards to her account in Lawson?

    We are currently running Lawson 10.0.6.

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