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4 Replies and 62613 Views PSA with LSF9.0.1  62613  4 Started by  Deleted User We are considering Lawson PSA to track our Professional Services business with integration to LSF 9.0.1.  We will be upgrading to LSF 9.0.1 on Windows 2008 64-bit and plan to use VM's for all but our SQL Servers.  Is anyone using similar setup  I'm wondering if PSA can be run on a VM.  Also, does anyone know if 64-bit is supported and if not has anyone implemented PSA 32-bit with an integration to LSF 9 on 64-bit
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by  climacsJump to last post
2/13/2013 7:20 PM
0 Replies and 4034 Views resource mgmt  4034  0 Started by  laura Anyone successfully using resource allocation with SA
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1/11/2012 4:04 AM
4 Replies and 35631 Views PSA Integration in LSF9  35631  4 Started by  JY What is the replacement in LSF9 for the RD41 records that allowed access to PSA from the Lawson Portal v3, Env 803 I can see a service called PSA but not sure how to populate it.&160; Followed PSA documentation to configure for Lawson Core Technology 9.0.x but running the ssoconfig to load the ssoconfig.xml file fails.&160;
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
11/19/2008 12:42 AM
1 Replies and 32322 Views Moving PSA to newer box.  32322  1 Started by  Deleted User &160; &160; We have PSA installed in are old Dev box.&160; We have created a new LSF9 Dev box and I would like to move PSA to that box.&160; Has anyone done something like this before&160; Thanks --JayR
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by  RobertJump to last post
7/1/2008 11:06 AM
3 Replies and 43152 Views Modifications  43152  3 Started by  Robert Hello! I have done extensive modifications to traditional Lawson modules, e.g. HR. I used javascripting and Design Studio, so I know my way around most of the front end components. I have a client who needs modifications to 5.3. PSA is not part of the standard Lawson. If I need to modify PSA, can I used Design Studio to modify the forms OR do I use Javascript, or the PSA scripting language. Does PSA have traditional form numbers, system codes, etc (probaly not, right). ...
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by  RobertJump to last post
9/24/2007 6:17 PM
2 Replies and 43020 Views XML Namespace prefixes within CDATA tag  43020  2 Started by  Robert The PSA forms are xml based. In this circumstance, the XML namespace is defined with a prefix <PAGE xmlns:A4='' version='5.0'> This means that you can invoke the A4 prefix to access elements defined within the DTD. However, the document also contains a CDATA tag. CDATA is character data, is in fact ignored ay xml parsers; e.g. if you place your javascript within CDATA, and the psa javascripts are found within CDATA. Howe...
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by  RobertJump to last post
9/24/2007 6:10 PM
1 Replies and 38642 Views PSA Documentation  38642  1 Started by  Robert Does anyone know where I could secure PSA 5.0-5.3 documentation. I'm willing to purchase, but would prefer donations.
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
8/8/2007 5:49 PM
1 Replies and 39144 Views PSA and Billing & Revenue Recognition  39144  1 Started by  Deleted User Is it possible to have revenue recognized on a percentage of completion method, based on hours actual and budget in the PSA module, and at the same time invoicing on a milestone schedule that is unrelated to the revenue recognition schedule
1 39144
by  John HenleyJump to last post
6/1/2006 2:03 AM
0 Replies and 14449 Views PSA database copy  14449  0 Started by  Mike LaCosse We are trying to restore our development data from production. We can easily do this for our backoffice data using database tools or expsysdb, but Lawson provides no documentation for copying a PSA database from one server to another (different DB names). We have tried a full 'restore' of the PSA production database to development, but doesn't work because the database name 'PSAPRD' is hard-coded into views, stored procedures, and user-defined functions. This causes problems since our...
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3/23/2006 3:30 PM
3 Replies and 42720 Views Service Automation-Tech?  42720  3 Started by  PV Rajan Hi: Whats the technology on which the service automation applications work. Is it same as Financials and HR. Thanks!
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
1/20/2006 3:08 PM
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