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Last Post 07/30/2012 5:48 AM by  Lars Rieser
Lawson S3/M3 Release Intervals
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07/30/2012 5:48 AM
    Hello everyone,
    my name is Lars Rieser and I am currently employed by Maastricht University in the Netherlands where I am conducting research as a PhD student in the Information Management department. My dissertation will be about the timing of innovations in the various segments of the software industry. As part of this, I am currently creating a dataset containing the release and end of support dates of the flagship products of leading ERP vendors. The aim of this research is to establish a relationship between various internal and external factors and the pace of innovation within product lines.

    Whereas I can usually get information on the release and end of support dates from the support/press release websites of the respective vendors, Infor/Lawson support site is only accessible to Lawson customers and their press releases only mention the release dates of M3 7.1, M3 10 and Infor10 Lawson S3. Searching for an alternative, I came across this forum and decided to give it a try here.

    I am interested in the release and end of support dates of the last three to five releases of the M3 and S3 product lines. For my research, a release is defined as anything that costs money and is able to run on its own (thus excluding any add-on's or maintenance patches).
    Thank you for your support and feel free to move this thread if I posted it in the wrong category.

    Lars Rieser
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