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Last Post 11/08/2018 1:10 PM by  dmcdougald
Support Model for LTM/GHR
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06/12/2018 8:16 AM

    Our organization is interested in finding out support models for Infor/Lawson GHR/LTM etc. organizations utilizing Cloud Services. If you are an off premise GHR user, would you be willing to share the following information:

    1) The size of your organization (# of employees) 

    2) Your general business type (Healthcare, local government, retail, etc.)

    3) Which Landmark modules do you use? 

    4) The number and type of on-site resources supporting your end-user community as a Cloud client of Landmark (technical, application specialists, etc)

    5) Do you also use S3 for functionality not currently offered by Landmark? Are the resources that support S3 the same as those that support Cloud

    Thanks in advance for sharing!!

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    11/08/2018 1:10 PM
    our organization fits your bill.

    We have about 8,000 employees

    Healthcare industry


    we have a team of 4 in IT roles, and about 1 subject matter expert / superuser for each data area, except for HR

    We still use S3 for just about everything outside of HR. Our team of 4 supports the technical aspects of GHR, which tend to be pretty light being cloud customers. We upoload our users and simultaneously grant them LSF and Landmark permissions ect.

    let me know if you need anything else!
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