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bn105 error message    

Started by  Colleen Bertagnolli
I need to change some of the set ups in our Life Insurance plans.  We need to change the coverage reduction rules from As of Date to Current and contribution under the BN18.8 under Age  from First of Month to As of Date.  I have the new start date of 4/1/2024 on the BN18.4 and BN17.3 sceens with these changes.  When I run the BN105, I am having an issue with two of our plans that use a multiple of Salary Limits.  I get the error message: " Default multiple not setup...
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by  Colleen BertagnolliJump to last post
3/27/2024 2:13 PM

Life Age Reduction on benefits plans    

Started by  Colleen Bertagnolli
For our optional life we have an age based coverage reduction.  The reduction calculates on the Current date (employee&39;s DOB).  Benefits would like to have the premium amount change at the begining of the following year (01/01) instead of the time of the coverage reduction..  Is there a way  to do that   Thanks in Advance for your input!    
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by  Colleen BertagnolliJump to last post
3/20/2024 11:55 AM

BN53.1 Add-In    

Started by  Cactus
We are migrating to Solstice. They require a  EDI 834_5010 full file which is produced by the BN106 program. BN106 needs the BN53.1 screen to be populated with data. I can manually enter records but we cant manually enter thousands of records. I have been working with Don Peterson trying to design an add-in and are so far unsucessfull. Has anyone sucessfully created an add-in for BN53.1 Thank you for your assistance.   Mark
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by  CactusJump to last post
3/7/2024 7:23 PM

PA52 - Reverse an action.    

Started by  HRPRO
Hello Everyone,   I recently joined the company and I am new to Lawson and I am having this issue that i cant reverse the termination action. I have entered the wrong date of terminationa and terminated employee. Now, I am going back to PA52 and tried to revers an action but I am getting this error which says Cant reverse, No histrory existed. What are the other ways I can chage the termination date 
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1/30/2024 9:00 PM

Division of Responsibilities    

Started by  DPH
We&39;ve had some personnel changes recently in our company, so we&39;re thinking now may be a good time to review how some payroll-related tasks are currenly split between Payroll and HR. Currently HR staff creates new Pay Codes in Lawson, along with Position and Job Codes. Additionally, HR creates Pay Codes in the Time and Attendance application. Is it typical for HR to create Pay Codes in Lawson Or in T&A applications
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by  Lisa MottJump to last post
12/1/2023 1:19 PM

Spousal Life coverage reduction    

Started by  Colleen Bertagnolli
Just set up a new Spousal plan (under Plan Type DL) for a flat amount and using an coverage reduction table based on age.  The BN18.8 (Salary Age Service) is set for the age of the employee. When I add the benefit to an employee it is calculating the coverage reduction based on the Spouse&39;s age not the employee&39;s age.    Not sure where to go from here.   Thanks in advance for any help
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11/9/2023 7:40 PM

BN11.1 Postal Code Tables    

Started by  Colleen Bertagnolli
Recently  we set up a new health plan utilizing the postal code table (the plan has an employee group and a postal code table attached to it under the Eligible tab).  When I go to the BN31.2 (Employee Benefit Entry) employees whose zip is not attached to the postal code table are showing as eligible.  We have never used the postal table before.  Am I missing a step somewhere
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11/6/2023 3:38 PM

Life Age Reduction on benefits plans    

Started by  Colleen Bertagnolli
I know the questions has been asked before (years ago)...  Has Lawson ever changed anything in their setups to attached an age reduction table to a supplemental life plan
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
11/1/2023 6:09 PM

PR13 error message    

Started by  RachelM
I'm helping do some error corrections and I can't seem to get passed this one. PR13 - I'm trying to enter Resident State (Work State is already populated). I get the following error message when I try and 'change': State tax fields cannot be changed with tax filter 1 or 2. Thoughts on what I'm doing wrong
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by  Dom RJump to last post
8/9/2023 3:04 PM

Anyone using PR124 for RROP calc?    

Started by  kfawku123
Is anyone out there currently using PR124 to calculate regular rate of pay in CA  If so, are you including OT earnings in your calculations  Would be interested in hearing more about your PR20.3 setup. bout your PR20.3 setup. 
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6/20/2023 12:41 PM

Automatically stopping benefits    

Started by  Mark Petereit
It&39;s been about 10 years since I had my hands in benefits administration in Lawson and I&39;m drawing a blank. I&39;m working with a Lawson client who is loading annual benefits enrollments. They have employees being added to a new EL plan 7/1/2023, but they system is not automatically ending their previous EL enrollment as of 6/30/2023 as I would expect. For the life of me, I can&39;t remember where it&39;s set up to say an employee can only be enrolled in one EL plan. Help LO...
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6/15/2023 6:57 PM

Storing Pronouns    

Started by  Krysh
Any place that folks are storing Pronouns attached to the employee that has worked well.  Ideally someone could update their own in EMSS but there aren&39;t a lot of options for that so that may not work.
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by  KryshJump to last post
6/12/2023 8:10 PM

2012R2 OS    

Started by  Greg Moeller
OK, we at Genesis Health System cannot be the only ones that are in this situation. We are running most/all of our Lawson systems on 2012R2 and we have been getting confusing information about  what will be supported and when.  First we get a notice from Infor that the on-prem version 10 will be supported until 2030. Recently we have gotten a notice from them about being off of 2012R2 by October.  Which is it, or is it "both" What are other clients doing tha...
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5/30/2023 8:50 PM

Company switching Banks for Direct Deposit (Prenotes)    

Started by  maalimsimo
We are a Lawson 10.0.7, HR/Payroll only shop. Our company is switching banks for Direct Deposit (prenotification). We are trying to do the setup for the new bank and we are running into some difficulty. Initially, we set up a new &39;Bank Code&39; thru the form PR01.2 and left the &39;Cash Account&39; with the old bank values. Then, using this new Bank Code, we created a record for the new Bank. The record on the BANKACCT table looks fine, but PRSYSTEM has a new record for the new bank...
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4/19/2023 8:59 PM

Using ADP Garnishment    

Started by  Beate Hughes-Brown
We just went live with ADP Garnishment.  Does anyone who uses this process have a recommendation on when to run the PB103  Seems we should run the PB102 after we close payroll.  But is there a good place to run the PB103  Before beginning payroll perhaps
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by  BelmaJump to last post
4/18/2023 8:13 PM

Links in Manager Self Service    

Started by  Jolene Jackson
Hi, we are looking to add some additional links in Manager self service under direct reports and I was wondering if any one had done this already We are hoping to pull in things like assignments, pay history etc. We would also like to change the icon for the drill around as it is not very intuitive.   We were able to remove a few of the links we didn&39;t want and add one, but the back functionality is not working as expected.  Any suggestions or pointers would be appreciated...
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1/16/2023 10:32 PM

ADP W2 and Lawson Payroll    

Started by  Belma
Any one using ADP tax W2 service  I am looking to see if anyone knows of a field in Lawson V10 for W2 print indicator on PB202. Thanks, Belma
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1/6/2023 10:04 PM

401(K) provider file    

Started by  tdwcpa
Our 401(K) provider, Principal Financial, is requiring us to provide a file weekly with various information like 401(k) deduction, employer match, loan repayments year to date wages and various other static information.  I would like to know if there are other Lawson 10 users that may have to provide a similar file to their 401(K) provider and if you are willing to share how you generated this file. Thanks Tammy Waters  
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by  ebmetcalfeJump to last post
1/2/2023 2:39 AM

Email Notifications from Self Service    

Started by  Jolene Jackson
Hi,  We are looking at implementing Employee and Manager Self Service in our Lawson 10.0.7 environment and would like to understand which email notifications can be sent using the Email.exe CGI program without needing IPA.  Currently, it seems that Adress Changes and Direct Deposit changes work, but Time off request and Tax withholding don&39;t, even though the setup exists for both.   I have been working with Infor for weeks, but can&39;t seem to get an answer from t...
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by  Joe O'TooleJump to last post
12/1/2022 5:27 PM

W4 history tables    

Started by  Kate
This may not be the proper forum to ask this, but thought I would try.   I am looking for a history table that will show employee exemptions for taxes.  There is the EMDEDMASTR for pre 2020 (when qty was used) and the PRREGPARM for post 2020.  However,  we are looking for history from say 2018-2022.  Does anyone know the table(s) that this information is stored in   Thank you, Kate
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10/26/2022 1:40 PM

Processing Priorities for Fed and State Taxes    

Started by  Gary Stone
There are always people that are listed on the PR297 as having social security/medicare in arrears.  Most are tiny amounts and social security/medicare does self correct.  It does cause problems at quarter/payroll year end when the 941’s are done and we have to pay for the arrearages before they are taken.    All of the taxes are set up on PR05 with the same priority of 1.  If multiple deductions within a category have the same priority, the system processes ...
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by  Lisa T.Jump to last post
10/5/2022 2:24 PM

Impact to FTE change    

Started by  Barb
Hi All!  We are about to embark on changing some employees from a 1.07 FTE status and 1944 Annual Hours to a 1.00 FTE status and 2080 Annual Hours and seeking any input we can receive on any trickle down impact in the system.  We have accruals and benefits on our radar as a potential impact, but is there anything else we should be taking into consideration Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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8/11/2022 8:44 PM

S3: Creating offline PDF Paystubs    

Started by  SShaffer
Good Day All! IT Guy here. We haven’t done it in the past, but we would like to now, especially for our historical S3 payroll… But we want to create offline PDF paystubs for the employees (and ex-employees). Obviously we’ve been talking to MHC about doing that. But one of the challenges for us right now is that we can’t “find” all the historical PMTOUT files. I have a couple questions about that… 1. Is there a particular place wher...
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by  Ragu RaghavanJump to last post
7/17/2022 4:13 PM

PR260 Payment Detail Listing. Can you add stuff?    

Started by  SShaffer
Good Evening! We are helping the Payroll Department get ready for year-end. Is it possible to run / sort the PR260 Payment Detail Listing by attributes other than HR Organizational Unit  Like Accounting Unit Thanks, Steve
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by  LTervalonJump to last post
6/8/2022 7:30 PM

W-4 Report    

Started by  LTervalon
Hi - I&39;m filling in for a co-worker out on leave and I&39;m fairly new to Lawson S3 Payroll. What is the best way to get a W-4 report out of Lawson S3 Payroll  
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5/19/2022 3:33 AM
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