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Last Post 08/28/2019 9:30 AM by  maalimsimo
Handling Unpaid Time in Payroll Processing
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08/28/2019 9:30 AM

    We have been having just a handful of employees with Unpaid Time hours each payroll and so it has been handled manually through PR36 fairly well.

    Now we need the process automated.

    We have set up a Pay Code (615) for Unpaid Time, presently as 'Hours Only' in PR20.4. 

    What we need is to somehow reduce the Regular Hours (and the Wages) by the Unpaid Hours.

    PR User Guide states that PR28 can be set up to create an 'Offset Rule' for the Salaried Employee group and run PR128 during the payroll process.

    I get the feeling that this may work well for PTO, Sick Time etc. to eliminate the possibility of overpaying the employee. 

    Has anyone used the PR28/PR128 approach successfully for Unpaid Time hours? Is there an alternative method to achieve this end?


    I will appreciate any help I can get.




    You are not authorized to post a reply.