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Last Post 06/03/2011 9:13 AM by  Claudia W.
Transaction Integration -> Lawson A/R
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Garth Gerwing
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Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba
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06/01/2011 2:43 PM
    We are required to integration transactions (Invoices, Debit/credit memos) from a non-Lawson billing application -> A/R. The billing application will be an in-house J2EE application - so ideally, we would like to enact this integration on a real/near-time service basis.

    Existing transactional integration to A/R is kind defined as a 2-step, batch-oriented approach:
    1) Populate ARITRANS/ARIDISTRIB and optionally ARIITEM - via AR97.1,AR97.2, AR97.5
    2) Execute batch job of AR560 to move data from staging tables to actual tables

    The on-line method of introducing transactions is also multi-step/clunky: Batch header, details, batch release, etc.
    We are quite familiar with leveraging the API's - and for data integrity purposes, this would be the way to go - but since they are based on the form definitions -seemingly locks you into this multi-step approach.

    Am I missing something??  Can someone suggest an approach that I have possibly not conceived of?  Appreciate everyone's time here.
    Claudia W.
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    PPD Inc.
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    06/03/2011 9:13 AM
    We create .csv files in the correct format and use 'importdb' to upload them. The data is then in the interface files where you can use the AR97 programs to update any errors you may have received on the AR560 report.
    Lawson has the template table formats on their Knowledgebase.
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