How to format a process trigger return message?

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    Currently, when we trigger a process from a mashup deployed to Smart Office/M3, we get a message formated like this regardless of the outcome of the process:

    "The server returned no data" and an exclamation point icon. There are ways to format messaging within Mashups events on MessageBoxControl by setting the TargetKey Parameter to "MessageType" and Parameter Value to Question, warn, error, or Success. You can also set the Header, and text of the message. However, we can't find anything for a message being returned from the process server.

    I can also see in the Smart Office Log the following:

    1/18/2024 4:56:14 PM ERROR PF.Client.Mashup.TriggerPanel.OnResponse  Failed to trigger message. Response= -Processed. 

    The actual processing being triggered is set to return "- Processed" as a message, but when the process completes, it's read as an error despite the process successfully running. 

    Can anyone help?

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