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Last Post 4/21/2020 5:57 PM by  Bev Edwards
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4/21/2020 5:57 PM

    From what I understand, the email field can be made a requirement in the LPL code in ISA.

    It appears our organization may have this setup in place.

    If that is the case, are there any repercussions if this feature were to be turned off and if so, is that a difficult task to accomplish?

    Our IT department needs to set up Infor training accounts and we were told that an email address is a requirement. Instead of creating email accounts within the organizations Outlook, they asked that gmail accts be created. The challenge is, you are only allowed to set up so many external email accounts for gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.

    It seems to me that setting up internal email accts would make more sense OR, if possible, turn off the email requirement in ISA.

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