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Last Post 05/09/2016 11:04 AM by  JimY
Question On Deleting ActorRoles
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05/09/2016 11:04 AM
    I have created a flow that disables employee's based on their termination date.  The flow I have uses a resource update to remove the roles and disable the employee.  That part works fine.  I was hoping to use the List Based Sync to sync them up with the Landmark side so that they would show disabled there and also remove their roles, but unfortunately I am not getting anywhere with that.  I decided to go another route.  I am modifying the flow to use a Landmark transaction to disable them and remove their roles and that is working, but when I do a sql query againts the ActorRole table I still see the roles in there.  Is the Landmark transaction only flaging them for deletion and if so is there another step I would go through to remove them?  Thank you.
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