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Last Post 1/6/2023 6:28 PM by  twinsmomma
Security LPL Question - how to check input and display an error message or limit drop down selection
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1/6/2023 6:28 PM

    Since there is no manual on LPL, having trouble trying to figure out how to do these changes. 

    My ideas on how to control this are:

    1) For those who can't create One or Emp vendor,  limit display on list of vendor class to exclude ONE or EMP (PayablesSpecialist_ST) Business Class Vendor

    2) If One or Emp is chosen in the drop down, send an error message that would keep them from selecting these vendor classes PayablesSpecialist_ST) Business Class Vendor

    They don't want to go the route of the vendor security class becasue a payables processor will not be able to view all vendors for creating invoices. 

    How to code is the question here.   Any ideas? 

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