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Last Post 10/1/2013 12:54 PM by  Matthew Nye
Making Data Router calls from a custom WebPart
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10/1/2013 12:54 PM
    John, Im hoping you can help out here since I know youve been doing Infor10 implementations but...

    Has anyone developed a custom webpart for Workspace and made any data router calls to return data? 

    Im making an HttpWebRequest from the code to the direct url (http://server/servlet/router/data/erp?....). im getting an invalid session message saying that a session is already created for the current user. There was some suggestion that AppStudio may be needed as it has access to the BIContext however I cant locate any documentation or even information on what AppStudio is or if its installed. 

    Anyone gone down this path before?
    If any of my answers were helpful an endorsement on LinkedIn would be much appriciated!
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