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1 Replies and 111014 Views and 1 Subscribers Loading inside Lawson Portal    111014  1  1 Started by  Deleted User I have Smart Notes sending out emails to employees to fix various issues. In these smart Notes I have included a link to the Lawson Employee Self Service page they need to use. However it will just pull up the page directly. I would like it to load the page inside the Lawson portal. Is there a way to do this I was hoping there would be something like http://LawsonServer/lawson/portal/redirect=lawson/xhrnet/some_page.htm Thanks.
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
1/30/2008 5:47 PM
10 Replies and 101064 Views and 1 Subscribers Information for acactivity    101064  10  1 Started by  Ruma Malhotra I am trying to create a smart note for activity management that notifies a user whenever a new activity in the project and activity management system is created. Looking at the ERDs on this site for activity management, there is a table acactivity that has all activity information for each activity created in the system. Looking at the technical documentation for this table there is a field that says acv_date_created which gives the date the activity was created in the system. However whe...
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by  Ruma MalhotraJump to last post
1/30/2009 4:49 PM
8 Replies and 96688 Views and 1 Subscribers Smart Notification Bursting when viewed on Dashboard  96688  8  1 Started by  David Williams Is there a way to limit the Company seen by a user in a Notification (based upon an InfoSet with multiple companies) when they view it on the Dashboard. User 1 can only see Company 1000 even when the Note has data for Company 1000, 2000 & 3000. I know I can limit what the user sees if I do Delivery - Bursting but can I apply this logic to when they view the Note from the Dashboard
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by  David WilliamsJump to last post
12/27/2013 6:27 PM
6 Replies and 89058 Views and 3 Subscribers Formatting of Blank Dates in Smart Notification  89058  6  3 Started by  Kay Hamill I am new to Smart Notification and am writing a query that returns a date field where some of the dates are not populated.&160; I am using a JDBC connection against an Oracle 10 database. The records with the blank dates are returned to the infoset as 1/1/1700.&160; I know when I run the query directly in SQLPlus, that tool returns the date as 1/1/2000, but I know that in Lawson the date is unpopulated. When I write the Notification, I see the 1/1/1700 populating there as well.&160; Is ther...
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by  thummel1Jump to last post
2/7/2018 4:03 PM
10 Replies and 96864 Views and 0 Subscribers Burst SN on a dashboard?  96864  10  0 Started by  George Graham I've seen a couple of old postings on this with no resolution so thought I would try this again. Looking for a way to burst the notification both in email and on the dashboard using the same notification. I believe I could do this with the same infoset but creating two different notifications - one for the email notificaiton and one for the dashboard, but with the dashboard using a parameter in the query. But I would rather have a single notification to manage. Has anyone been able to get thi...
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by  Susan PrenticeJump to last post
12/23/2013 6:12 PM
5 Replies and 97704 Views and 0 Subscribers Hide condition text in notification table?  97704  5  0 Started by  George Graham Anyone know a way to hide the condition text at the footer of the table on a smart note I had thought of a 'cheat' way to do it by making the text the same color as the background on a template for the footer but can't find a standard way to do it. Is it possible to create our own class and make that accessible I'm guessing so by putting it in the rendering xml - not that I really want to go down that path yet.
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by  TimJump to last post
12/3/2012 8:31 PM
6 Replies and 101831 Views and 2 Subscribers Smart Notes Owner  101831  6  2 Started by  George Graham Never had to deal with this until now - can smart notes only be edited (other than through the Content Manager) by one person - the owner It appears that only the person flagged as the smart note owner can edit or change the smart note - so if someone else needed to come in behind they would have to transfer the ownership to themselves and then be able to do the edits. Is this true as far as anyone else had checked
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by  Ian AbelJump to last post
5/1/2015 4:55 PM
12 Replies and 97690 Views and 2 Subscribers Measures on a Condition  97690  12  2 Started by  Ellen Bats I have build an Infoset for the orderlines. After that I what a Smart Note with the detail information. However the detail information is a condition. In the Smart Note I have also a counting for the total amount by facility. When I look at the result of the Smart Note I saw that the detail information is correct. But when I verify the total amount by facility the result is not correct. The result of the measure is based on the INFOSET and not on the CONDITION. How get I the right results ...
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by  Ellen BatsJump to last post
10/1/2012 5:51 AM
4 Replies and 93877 Views and 2 Subscribers Application Links  93877  4  2 Started by  Robby Do you have some time to help a 'rookie' I've built lots of Smart Notes, but have never incorporated an application link. Let's say I build a simple notification based on HR11 information and I want the Details link to take the recipient to HR11, already inquired on the company/employee in the row from the infoset. When I build the infoset, and get to step 3 adding an application link, there are 4 items to add, Name (just create a name for the link), Class (URL), Tag -this is the major par...
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by  brainetJump to last post
4/28/2016 5:21 PM
14 Replies and 86155 Views and 2 Subscribers Just Started Learning Smart Notifications  86155  14  2 Started by  ric9d Hello, I am reading thru the Smart Notification User and Admin guide to learn but its not very intuitive, and Im having a hard time with it. Does any have or know a link for beginners to get us started. A step by step creating one will be great. Thanks!
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by  ric9dJump to last post
1/2/2013 2:33 PM
12 Replies and 99206 Views and 2 Subscribers Smart Note name change  99206  12  2 Started by  BarbaraS Hi, I'm brand new to Smart Notes and hoping I can get some direction. I have a request from payroll to be notified when an employee's name changes. If I set up a smart note with the 'has new items' condition it does include the name changes, but also includes all new employees which they do not want. How can I show only name changes of existing employees without all of the new hires And assuming there is a way to do that - can I show the old name in addition to the new name Thank you! ...
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by  thummel1Jump to last post
8/15/2013 3:57 PM
6 Replies and 96840 Views and 2 Subscribers Smart Notification - Schedule Administration  96840  6  2 Started by  Suresh Hi, Recently my LBI database has been migrated from one server to another. And DBA's have copied SN database to target server. As earlier I had scheduled jobs for few infosets, but now everything seems to be disappeared, In 'Schedule Administration' screen I couldn't view any single scheduled jobs. And also, I tried by creating new Schedule job for the infoset but it seems like it is not been created / saving new scheduling job. Please find the attached screen sh...
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by  SureshJump to last post
9/12/2012 4:26 AM
0 Replies and 3346 Views and 0 Subscribers Error in scheduling the SN burst  3346  0  0 Started by  Vishnu Priya Hi All, I am trying to schedule a Smart notification that is burst to send the details of the employees. Here is the scenario. Step 1 I have created an infoset Company property New items in Data from Company Properties EMPLOYEE FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME DEPARTMENT SUPERVISOR CODE EMAIL_ADDRESS 257220 HALINA LINCOLN 79101 NS-NSGPMG KEYS arun.mikkilinenisiemens.com Step 2 : I have created a notification property and I have burst the nootification to send th...
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9/26/2012 8:47 AM
3 Replies and 90409 Views and 2 Subscribers SN Data source wizard shows blank page with java exception  90409  3  2 Started by  SHCR When I click on the edit action in the Smart Notes data source the screen is blank with the yellow triangle with exclamation mark in the browser status bar. I couldn't find any information on this error message on mylawson. Does anyone know how to resolve this error SN Version: 9-0-4-1-131 When I click on the error the message is Webpage error details Message: Access is denied. Line: 10 Char: 3 Code: 0 URI: https://server:9443/lsn/script/IOSCalls.js Message: 'usersAndG...
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by  SHCRJump to last post
10/13/2012 3:10 AM
3 Replies and 93030 Views and 1 Subscribers Smart Notes - Set scheduler to not run if scheduled time has passed  93030  3  1 Started by  SueS When LBI was down and it came back up our Smart Notes started to run even though the time they were scheduled to kick off was earlier in the evening and their scheduled start time had passed by the time LBI was back up. We had a Lawson beeper coverage consultant during this time who said there was a way to set up the smart notes so when the scheduler runs it will not kick off the smart note is the date and time that they were to run has passed. He said there should also be a way that we can ...
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by  SueSJump to last post
11/5/2012 4:55 PM
5 Replies and 93720 Views and 0 Subscribers user id added to SN makes it not work as requested  93720  5  0 Started by  SueS We have smart notes for showing before and after changes to dependent records. The fields on the smart note are employee , relationship, dependent name, ss, birthdate, and disability flag. Now a request was made to add the user id so they could see who changed the record. I can't get the smart notes to work correctly with the addition of the user id field which is defined as an attribute. It is showing up in the before part of the report because the user id has changed - it does no...
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by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
1/10/2013 2:09 PM
11 Replies and 97768 Views and 0 Subscribers Configure SN JDBC connection  97768  11  0 Started by  Xin Li Anyone know how to configure JDBC connection to back end Oracle database Do I need to install Oracle JDBC drive on LBII server or not
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by  Xin LiJump to last post
1/30/2013 9:06 PM
4 Replies and 97124 Views and 0 Subscribers No Facts to select in wizard  97124  4  0 Started by  B. Smith I created a new Infoset and tested that it is working with the sample button. I get the data fields that I want. I open the notifications wizard, search for my infoset, find my infoset and click the 'Facts' select button. The window pops open and is blank. I had some items bound to a content and some are blank (I'm new to SN). Did I miss a connection setting or a bind somewhere
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by  B. SmithJump to last post
2/26/2013 12:43 PM
2 Replies and 98380 Views and 0 Subscribers Query Syntax  98380  2  0 Started by  B. Smith We found blank entries for users in our CheckLS field. I've pulled the LDAP into SN to build a report to check for this in the future. I need to figure out the syntax for; CheckLS=NULL, or CheckLS <> YES or NO The query language for SN appears to be SQL, but I'm not getting the correct syntax for this. Does anyone have a cheat sheet for query syntax *I checked the SNUG install/admin guide, but there is no guidance* Thanks
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by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
2/26/2013 2:49 PM
1 Replies and 96300 Views and 1 Subscribers Update & Process with Parameter?  96300  1  1 Started by  David Williams Is there a way to pass a parameter within the URL to Update & Process your Smart Notification so only the data matching that parameter (like Company) is processed in the Note
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
3/11/2013 5:04 PM
4 Replies and 86387 Views and 3 Subscribers Usage of Smart Notifications for HR activities/transcations  86387  4  3 Started by  TBonney Please forgive me if you've already seen this same post in the HR forum! (I wanted to post it in both in case appropriate readers were not subscribed to both forums...) Does anyone use Smart Notifications for HR activities We are on Windows platform, running Lawson 9.0.1.x (environment & apps) and are licensed for LBI, but do not presently use Smart Notifications. We'd like to find out how useful other organizations have found Smart Notifications to be, especially with regards to Human Re...
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by  TBonneyJump to last post
4/12/2013 12:15 PM
5 Replies and 97620 Views and 0 Subscribers Smart Notification Instruction Manual?  97620  5  0 Started by  thummel1 i am brand new to Smart Notes and am trying to build my very first one. Yay! But, I kind of need instructions. I had training, which was a year ago, and I am finally applying that knowldge, which means I remembered nothing. Wondering if anyone has any type of Smart Note instruction manual or tips in a word doc that could at least get me started I am sure there is a book buried somewhere in my diesk, but I work from home and my desk is 26 miles from here, so I am hoping that somewhere, someone a...
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by  thummel1Jump to last post
12/3/2013 1:42 PM
2 Replies and 97512 Views and 0 Subscribers Javascript in SmartNote Template  97512  2  0 Started by  Randall Hi all, We have a user that is looking to have an altered delivery of his SmartNote to include checkboxes and other items that he can use when he prints out records, in addition to being able to print out one record per page (the important piece). I've been able to create a new master template with some Javascript to accomplish most of it, but have hit a problem when trying to recursively run through the records returned. Using the Template Tokens, I can get the number of rows returned wi...
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by  RandallJump to last post
4/15/2013 4:55 PM
1 Replies and 86814 Views and 1 Subscribers Smartnote formatting in Outlook 2010  86814  1  1 Started by  Jess O. Smartnote tables look fine in IE but don't look that great in Outlook 2010 (since it uses the Word html renderer). You can see in the image below that the table header and the detail rows extend out past the end of the table. Has anyone come up with a way to modify the templates to make smartnotes look a little better in Outlook 2010 If I change the source to have the correct number of columns in the colspan of the header, the table looks fine in Outlook 2010, but I don't believe I can control ...
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by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
5/20/2013 1:00 PM
2 Replies and 98281 Views and 0 Subscribers Templates and Smart Notes  98281  2  0 Started by  thummel1 I have a smart note. I also have a template I created to pull the data from the smart note into the template, so when it's emailed to the user, they get a nice customized letter with all their data. This worked just fine yesterday. I made a couple changes to the template and BAM. Now the template is not picking up any of the data from the Smart Note! Steps I've taken to diagnose are: I've done a preview of my SQL and it's picking up all required data. I also viewed the Notification 'Sample'...
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by  thummel1Jump to last post
6/28/2013 11:16 AM
3 Replies and 95282 Views and 1 Subscribers Add Logo to template?  95282  3  1 Started by  thummel1 Hi, I have a template that's used to display the information from a smart notification. In the template, I have html code to bring in our company logo; however, that logo is saved in one of my file folders. That's not an efficient way of getting the logo into the template. What if I change roles or leave the organization someday Then the path to the logo would become obscolete. My preference would be to save the logo somewhere with the Smart Notification tool, and paste that location in...
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by  The.Sam.GrovesJump to last post
6/7/2013 4:52 PM
2 Replies and 56772 Views and 0 Subscribers Instructions Token  56772  2  0 Started by  Dave Lis I have a smart note and in the instructions token of the notification I want to say, ‘Dear <employee name>’ My infoset has the employee.first and last names but I can’t seem to get them in the instructions. Does anyone know if I'm able to populate the instruction token with variables from an infoset Thank you.
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by  Dave LisJump to last post
6/10/2013 3:22 PM
2 Replies and 92332 Views and 1 Subscribers Creating a condition - select from these columns  92332  2  1 Started by  LisaP I am trying to create a SN that will show me new job codes added and job codes inactivated in Lawson, and am having trouble setting up the condition to show me the inactivated job codes. The closest condition I've been able to come up with so far is 'Tell me if: Data from Active Job Codes List has deleted items'. My infoset shows three items: job code, job title, and status, so if any one of the data items changes it will show up in the notification. What I end up with is any job code that ha...
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by  LisaPJump to last post
6/18/2013 1:30 PM
4 Replies and 98049 Views and 0 Subscribers Is there a way - SN to printer  98049  4  0 Started by  Greg Moeller Instead of delivery to an email address, is there a way to configure a smart notification to deliver to a printer Any help would be appreciated, -Greg
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by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
7/12/2013 5:21 PM
6 Replies and 81812 Views and 0 Subscribers Smart Notification Scheduling Not Working  81812  6  0 Started by  maalimsimo My organization intends to start using SN. I set up my test Infoset and tried to schedule it to no avail. I do receive the report delivered through my e-mail when I hit 'Process'. but the scheduleing part has failed to work for me. The 'Add Job Schedule' page seems simple enough, and for the 'Select Job Function' I selected the 'Update/Process Infoset' to be processed 'Hourly' all week days. I named the Job Schedule name ans hit 'Save'. Nothing happens thereafter,. Has anyone encountered this...
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by  maalimsimoJump to last post
7/15/2013 6:54 PM
4 Replies and 83905 Views and 1 Subscribers could not save infosets  83905  4  1 Started by  imjulian When I modify an infoset and try to save it it takes me to a problem report page with the following error message: 'Unable to create the InfoSet Description. Unmatched braces in the pattern.' Any body has ever come across this type of error Thanks
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by  imjulianJump to last post
8/22/2013 12:22 PM
0 Replies and 2788 Views and 1 Subscribers EmailMonitorServlet functionality  2788  0  1 Started by  Rick McCahan We occasionally have email SmartNotes that bounce to our catch-all mailbox. We would like to have an automated process monitor this mailbox and notify us that there was a problem. I found mention of the Email Monitor, but cannot find documentation on what it does or how it works beyond that it updates an activity log. Does it delete bounces from the mailbox after it processes them Does it ignore messages that didn't start out as SmartNotes Is what it writes to the activity log sufficien...
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9/4/2013 6:51 PM
4 Replies and 93505 Views and 0 Subscribers How can I supress the dark blue SmartNote header  93505  4  0 Started by  Jan Hello Each SmartNote that I create with a table includes a dark blue banner located just above the table that displays information about the Infoset the table comes from, plus any filters involved with the SmartNote. We'd like to supress this and I'm guessing an option may exist to do that, but I haven't seen anything documented. Does anyone have any ideas Please see attached.
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by  JanJump to last post
11/5/2013 5:48 PM
0 Replies and 3145 Views and 0 Subscribers Smart Note-Looking for new Keys  3145  0  0 Started by  thummel1 I have a Smart Note set up intended to capture only the supervisors that are newly added to the HR07 screen in Lawson. The Infoset has many data fields, but only one is set up as a 'Key', which is the Employee ID. All the rest are attributes. The Smart Notification is set up to notify me when the data from my Info Set 'Has New Keys'. Also, in Step 4 of my Smart Note (Related Info), I have 'do not display' checked for the 'Data' from my Info Set, and I have 'Default' set for the new Keys in the ...
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11/27/2013 2:09 PM
1 Replies and 96431 Views and 0 Subscribers Smart Note-View Data in each Info Set  96431  1  0 Started by  thummel1 Hi, I have a Smart Note that is scheduled to run once a week, each Wednesday morning. (I have the Info Set scheduled to run at 8am each Wednesday morning, as well as the Smart Note, which then get's delivered to me). It's designed to compare the prior week's Info Set with the current week's info set and only display the records where there are new keys. My Smart Note is including records that, according to another older query we run out of MS Access, is including records that were already o...
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by  NabilJump to last post
2/18/2014 8:20 PM
3 Replies and 93808 Views and 0 Subscribers Subject line of a burst Smart Note  93808  3  0 Started by  timbomom Have a Notification Named 'Benefit Documents Not Submitted - Employee' When I burst on the email address in our Test environment, the subject line is: Burst Test - Benefit Documents Not Submitted - Employee - testmailtestco.org Is there anyway I can get rid of the 'Burst Test' part of the Subject Line Per the documentation, the subject line is supposed to be the Notification name. I am stumped. Thanks, Patricia
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by  timbomomJump to last post
1/5/2014 3:56 AM
4 Replies and 94753 Views and 2 Subscribers Smartnote Bursting on two email fields  94753  4  2 Started by  Nabil Hello, I have a current smartnote sending Employee HR and BN data to the HR Contact at various locations. Now, the HR Contacts want the employee supervisors getting the notification too. My question is, can my current SN that's sending emails to HR Contacts also send them to Supervisors Those are two different fields residing in two different tables. Appreciate the help! Thanks,
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by  NabilJump to last post
1/15/2014 3:26 PM
4 Replies and 85461 Views and 2 Subscribers How not to send empty smart notes  85461  4  2 Started by  TRK I'm trying to configure my smart notes so that an e-mail is only sent in case the infoset actually contains any data. However, I do not have much luck in this endeavor and I hope someone can point me in the right direction. I've configured an infoset, selecting all failed print jobs from the MEC in case there are any. If there are any I want a notification to be sent to the IT Department. I've setup the notification to send an e-mail on update of the infoset to our ITSM system and I've ticke...
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by  TRKJump to last post
1/22/2014 1:15 PM
2 Replies and 95194 Views and 0 Subscribers Smart Note sender email address  95194  2  0 Started by  timbomom My question involves the 'sender email address' for a smart note. In our installation, the Smart Notes are being sent with the 'sender email address' of a specific employee. I've been asked to change this email address to that of another employee. So I looked in the documentation. The documentation says to edit the <LBI_HOME>\<SmartNotification_HOME>\conf\DeviceTypes.xml file and change the From attribute to the sender email address to use for the device type. The problem is...
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by  timbomomJump to last post
1/21/2014 3:54 AM
1 Replies and 92945 Views and 0 Subscribers Smartnote Template location and logo issue in email  92945  1  0 Started by  Joe O'Toole I had customized our LSN template to include our company logo a number of years ago. We have siince moved to a newer version (9.1) of LBI and I can no longer locate the modified HTML file. Can someone post the folder location that the default template is stored in on the LBI server The second issue is that our logo is getting replaced by a red X in Outlook / Exchange emails. It appears fine on Smartnotes that are sent to printer devices so I know the logo is good and accessible by the system. I...
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by  Joe O'TooleJump to last post
2/20/2014 2:18 PM
0 Replies and 3395 Views and 0 Subscribers Smartnote Excel Attachments  3395  0  0 Started by  Nabil Hi, We recently upgraded LBI and Smartnote Services to 10.3. My question is why are excel attachments always named ATT00001.xls I would think that if they're called the SN name that would be better, just like in Reporting Services. Does anyone have experience in this area Thank you! Nabil
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2/28/2014 2:51 PM
8 Replies and 95519 Views and 2 Subscribers Dupllicate Smart Notes Delivered  95519  8  2 Started by  JeffCozzag In some cases we have scheduled smart notes that will deliver multiple copies to the same subsriber identically timestamped. There is only one scheduled time each day/week/month for each of these updates. This just started in the past two weeks. Delivery history also shows the duplicate deliveries. Any idea how we got here or how to reverse
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by  JeffCozzagJump to last post
5/21/2014 2:23 PM
3 Replies and 94985 Views and 0 Subscribers Smart Note Not Tripped Error  94985  3  0 Started by  BrianM When in the Smart Notification 'Notifications' tab, I have 3 Smart Notes with a 'Not tripped' message under the value tab. Has anyone ever encountered this before and if so, what did you do to resolve it Thanks
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by  Matthew NyeJump to last post
4/15/2014 3:55 PM
1 Replies and 90513 Views and 0 Subscribers Automated means of deleting delivery history  90513  1  0 Started by  Rick McCahan We're looking for a way to automate the deletion of delivery history for Smart Notes. I know about the Delete Delivery History button within Smart Notes Admin, but would prefer to have the system clean up after itself. We're running SN Scheduling a script or using IPA would work Thanks in advance.
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by  Patrick DowdJump to last post
4/21/2014 1:25 PM
2 Replies and 94685 Views and 0 Subscribers Break out the messages in the Instructions section  94685  2  0 Started by  Alin Anton Does anyone know a way to break out messages within the “Instructions:” section of notification. Is there a special value that we can enter between the lines to move the next section down About this notification: Hello! The Time & Effort reports for the following employees have been released for certifications. Please click on the link below to access…. vs. About this notification: Hello! The Time & Effort reports for the following employees have been released for certifi...
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by  Anne-MarieJump to last post
5/19/2014 6:53 PM
0 Replies and 5004 Views and 0 Subscribers Report type notification using “Options” from Related Links and Options  5004  0  0 Started by  Alin Anton Report type notification using “Options” from Related Links and Options I would like to use SNs to send out data output reports to users via Options. Basically, the data should not be displayed in the body of the email rather accessed via Related Links and Options… Options>View as an Excel Spreadsheet. Is that possible I’ve played with the section 4 Related Info/Results to Include by changing it “Do not display” but that will not display the records in the email or excel. Does anyo...
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5/16/2014 4:18 PM
1 Replies and 93819 Views and 0 Subscribers Hide Smart Notification Name  93819  1  0 Started by  Giulia I have created a notification with a bar chart. I only want the bar chart to appear on the smart notification. I would like to hide the line at the top of the notification that says Smart Notifications : Name of Notification. I have tried to use the different parameter options under Related Info\Option but can't find one that hides that line. I have tried to create a new template that only has &91;values&93; in the body and that still didn't hide it. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly a...
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by  GiuliaJump to last post
6/20/2014 6:06 PM
0 Replies and 3181 Views and 1 Subscribers Querying multiple infosets - duplicate warning  3181  0  1 Started by  mterlesky Hello - I've created an infoset in order to query the results of two other infosets following the instructions in this post: https://www.lawsonguru.com/Forums/tabid/96/aft/8005/Default.aspx I can run this query against the tables in MS SQL Server Mgmnt Studio with no issues. It returns merged data from the two infosets. select a.COLUMN0,b.COLUMN1,a.COLUMN1,a.COLUMN2,a.COLUMN3 from INFOSET_1086 b, INFOSET_1087 a WHERE a.COLUMN0=b.COLUMN0 When I place this code into my third infose...
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9/12/2014 8:10 PM
2 Replies and 98103 Views and 1 Subscribers Compare 2 Separate Smart Notes?  98103  2  1 Started by  thummel1 Hi, I need to create a Smart Note that will identify individuals who have transferred OUT OF a specific Job Class. I thought I could set up a Smart Note to compare the current run to the prior run. The Smart Note would have to show who the people that are no longer in C05 and C10. Here's what I 'think' I need to do. First, I would create an Infoset with everyone in C05 or C10 Job Class. (FYI, I am not sure what would be the 'Key' for this Infoset. Would it be Job Class if that's all I want to c...
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10/27/2014 6:34 PM
1 Replies and 93398 Views and 1 Subscribers Smart Notes - Resources  93398  1  1 Started by  thummel1 Hi, I need to know if there is a comprehensive User Guide, or some other in-depth guides for Smart Notes out there. I have a book from Lawson, 'Smart Notification User and Administration Guide', but it does not cover nearly the detail I am constantly seeking on a regular basis. Where's a chapter about schedules Where's a list of all the Conditions within a Smart Note and examples of what they do Can a Smart Note send you the 'Before' when comparing two items Can a Smart Note template have a ...
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by  Denise L.Jump to last post
3/9/2015 6:31 PM
1 Replies and 98820 Views and 1 Subscribers Schedules for Smart Notes  98820  1  1 Started by  thummel1 Hi, Can a Smart Note be scheduled to run hourly I see there is an option to select 'Hourly' in the Scheduler; but then the options for hours requires the user to enter a 'From' hour and a 'To' hour. If the Smart Note needs to be run hourly, what should the settings in the schedule be Thanks!
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by  Dave CurtisJump to last post
10/22/2014 4:27 PM
0 Replies and 2992 Views and 1 Subscribers Smart Notes and Letter Templates  2992  0  1 Started by  thummel1 Hi, I am creating a letter template in a Smart Note. This is a letter that will get emailed to the supervisor when a specific condition is met (employee is hired and a HIREACTN1 is processed). The letter will include things such as the supervisor first and last name, employee ID, employee's job title, etc, etc....In the letter template, I must reference the supervisor's first and last name as part of the greeting. I am forgetting how I identify the correct table number, row number, and column nu...
0 2992 1
11/5/2014 3:53 PM
9 Replies and 89811 Views and 2 Subscribers Date Format in Smart Note  89811  9  2 Started by  thummel1 Hi, Does anyone know what the SQL should be in an infoset when trying to change the format of the birthdat from mm/dd/yyyy format to just mm/dd I am not versed enough in SQL language to change this in my Infoset. Is there a way to change the format within the step called 'Define Info set'. I saw there are options to change the date format to various things, but of course, what I wanted was not an option. Any tips on how to change within SQL or within the Info Set would be appreciated. ...
9 89811 2
by  thummel1Jump to last post
11/11/2014 1:13 AM
0 Replies and 3040 Views and 1 Subscribers Smart Notes-Items No Longer in Data  3040  0  1 Started by  thummel1 Good Morning, i have a Smart Note that I've designed with the intention of triggering when an employee is no longer in the N05 or N10 Job Class. In the Smart Note data, I have Employee ID, Employee name, Hire Date, Adjusted Hire Date, Structure Group, LP Plan, LP Balance, Email Address, Accrual End Date and Master End Date. The Smart Note will trigger when any of these items change. This is done by using the condition that says 'Items no longer in data from...' The problem I am h...
0 3040 1
12/3/2014 12:46 PM
3 Replies and 97402 Views and 1 Subscribers Multiple Email Smart Notes to one Device  97402  3  1 Started by  thummel1 Hi, I have a Smart Note that, once moved to Production, will be designed to deliver a letter template to each email address that appears in the info set (It's a notice that will go to supervisors about their new hires; one will deliver as soon as the employee is put in a HIREACTN2 PA Action and their status is A0, and the other is set up to deliver to the supervisor with a different message on the employees first day of employment). But before we start sending these notices, we wanted to tes...
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by  Dave CurtisJump to last post
1/8/2015 11:55 PM
1 Replies and 90279 Views and 1 Subscribers Smart Note did not trigger for all records  90279  1  1 Started by  thummel1 Good Morning, I have a Smart Note set up to burst to 2 devices as part of testing. The Info Set contained 6 records, thus, 6 email notifications should have been delivered to each device. When I looked this morning, only 3 notificaitons delivered to each device. I was able to rule out one of the records. (The email address that is being used to trigger the Smart Note was blank.) But there are 2 other records in the Info Set that didn't deliver...I see no reason why a Smart Note would not gen...
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by  thummel1Jump to last post
1/6/2015 3:33 PM
10 Replies and 97603 Views and 3 Subscribers Burst Smart Notes - Not all delivered  97603  10  3 Started by  Robby LBI ver. We just went live with this, and the only Smart Note that is supposed to deliver, failed to go to everyone! Here's what I have: 1 InfoSet, approx 12,000 rows of data. To be burst on the supervisors' email address (in the dataset). Some received, some did not (there should have been 244 notifications sent). Is there a setting somewhere that limits this Any thoughts way it would not go to everyone I've already ruled out bad email addresses. Thanks in ad...
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by  RobbyJump to last post
1/26/2015 3:52 PM
4 Replies and 91191 Views and 1 Subscribers Burst Smart Notes - Not all delivered  91191  4  1 Started by  Robby LBI ver. We just went live with this, and the only Smart Note that is supposed to deliver, failed to go to everyone! Here's what I have: 1 InfoSet, approx 12,000 rows of data. To be burst on the supervisors' email address (in the dataset). Some received, some did not (there should have been 244 notifications sent). Is there a setting somewhere that limits this Any thoughts way it would not go to everyone I've already ruled out bad email addresses. Thanks in ad...
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by  RobbyJump to last post
1/26/2015 2:25 PM
2 Replies and 93222 Views and 0 Subscribers Smart Notes - Scheduler not working  93222  2  0 Started by  Robby Smart Note goes out OK when manually triggered and the scheduler is setup correctly. But, nothing! Scheduler says it went, Delivered Alert History says it didn't, and Activity says nothing. This is a new implementation and there is only one scheduled notification. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find out why this is happening (NOT happening!) Thanks in advance, -Robby
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by  LisaJump to last post
4/7/2015 6:41 PM
1 Replies and 94622 Views and 1 Subscribers Smart Notes - Scheduler not working  94622  1  1 Started by  Robby Smart Note goes out OK when manually triggered and the scheduler is setup correctly. But, nothing! Scheduler says it went, Delivered Alert History says it didn't, and Activity says nothing. This is a new implementation and there is only one scheduled notification. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find out why this is happening (NOT happening!) Thanks in advance, -Robby
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by  thummel1Jump to last post
1/22/2015 7:37 PM
1 Replies and 93525 Views and 0 Subscribers Smart Notes - access RM data  93525  1  0 Started by  timbomom Hi.. Need to access RM data for email address within a smart note. Is the RM data stored in a Lawson database in a different schema, if so, which one Thanks in advance, Pat
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by  Carl.SeayJump to last post
2/3/2015 6:09 PM
1 Replies and 96726 Views and 1 Subscribers Smart Note using Excel  96726  1  1 Started by  thummel1 Hi, I am thinking way outside the box here, but I am wondering if Smart Notes can be create using an Excel file as a Data Source Here is why I am asking: HR tracks annual reviews on a spreadsheet before they are uploaded to Lawson. HR goes through this spreadsheet manually, looks for incomplete reviews and reaches out to the manager. If there was a way to deliver a Smart Note to managers based on criteria in the master spreadsheet (e.g. Column labeled 'Review competed' is null), ...
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by  Dave CurtisJump to last post
2/17/2015 9:14 PM
3 Replies and 95630 Views and 2 Subscribers Change Ownership of Smart Note  95630  3  2 Started by  thummel1 Hi, Is there a way to change the ownership of a Smart Note Let's say someone leaves unexpectedly, or there is a shift in role responsibilities, etc...I'd like to know: 1. How someone can change ownership of someone else's Info Set and Smart Note to themselves. 2. How someone can change ownership of their own their Info Set and Smart Note to someone else. I found one forum post called 'Smart Note Owner' . This forum post addressed how to subscribe to another person's Smart Note, but su...
3 95630 2
by  thummel1Jump to last post
3/9/2015 12:07 PM
1 Replies and 98206 Views and 2 Subscribers Deliver to 2 Email Sources  98206  1  2 Started by  thummel1 Hi, We have a Smart Note that contains a column for the employee's email address and the Manager's email address. Currently, the Smart Note is set up to deliver to the column that the Supervisor's email address resides in. We'd like to also deliver this Smart Note to the employee's email address that is in the employee email address column. Is it possible to burst this Smart Note using 2 different columns fromour Info Set (SUPV_EMAIL, and EMPLOYEE_EMAIL) The goal is to avoid creating 2 ...
1 98206 2
by  Dave CurtisJump to last post
3/9/2015 11:49 AM
3 Replies and 98969 Views and 3 Subscribers Syntax for combining Data Fields  98969  3  3 Started by  thummel1 Hi, I'm looking for the right syntax to combine 2 data fields with a semi-colon as the separator. It's 2 email address fields. I would expect the data field to look like this: bjonescompany.org; spetersoncompany.org I was going to see if I could burst my smart note to these two email addresses from one data field. Before I can try it, I built my SQL in SQL Developer for Oracle and it looks like this: EMPLOYEE_1.EMAIL_ADDRESS ||';'|| EMPLOYEE.EMAIL_ADDRESS as Em...
3 98969 3
by  Dave CurtisJump to last post
3/9/2015 11:03 PM
2 Replies and 97359 Views and 2 Subscribers Smart Note with CSV file  97359  2  2 Started by  brainet I am wanting to setup a Smart Note with a dataset of selected records and a second one that is from a csv file. The csv file will have the different email address I want the SN to go to. How would I tied the two infosets together where each record in the first infoset could be sent to each of the email address in the second infoset I am trying to just change the csv file and not have to remove and add new devices when a person leaves the company.:D
2 97359 2
by  Dave CurtisJump to last post
3/21/2015 2:02 PM
2 Replies and 96880 Views and 2 Subscribers Name Changes  96880  2  2 Started by  thummel1 Hi, I have a name change Smart Note that I am testing for functionality. One thing I noticed is that whenever someone's name changes from all capital letters to lowercase letters, or vice versa, it triggers this record to appear on the Smart Note. (We have a process where some groups of individuals need to be listed as all caps and some don't, and sometimes their role changes, thus we'll change them from all capital letters to non and vice versa). How can I stop the Smart Note from capt...
2 96880 2
by  The.Sam.GrovesJump to last post
3/26/2015 12:15 PM
0 Replies and 3085 Views and 0 Subscribers Smart Notes - Message Box  3085  0  0 Started by  Robby Obviously, I've never used this! Does anyone out there use the message box Can you tell me about it
0 3085 0
4/28/2015 1:52 PM
4 Replies and 94784 Views and 3 Subscribers Display numeric as time  94784  4  3 Started by  thummel1 I am working on a smart note. There are 2 numeric columns designed to display in/out punches that will eventually come over in the Smart Note. One column has 'in' punches and the other has 'out' punches. When the table was designed, these columns were not formatted like hh:mm. They were formatted as numbers, no decimals. So the 'in' punch will look like 701 and the 'out' punch will look like 1150 (example). Question: The end user wants to view these numbers like hh:mm. I am trying to think o...
4 94784 3
by  thummel1Jump to last post
5/28/2015 11:32 AM
0 Replies and 3371 Views and 1 Subscribers Info Set and Letter Template?  3371  0  1 Started by  thummel1 Is it possible to have an Info Set included in your Smart Note as well as a letter template We would like to include a letter to each manager, and below it the list of employees they need to see that the Info Set picked up. Thanks!
0 3371 1
6/8/2015 4:31 PM
0 Replies and 3288 Views and 1 Subscribers Future Dated Scheduled  3288  0  1 Started by  thummel1 I recall scheduling a Smart Note a few weeks ago to update and process effective 6/26, but now I do not see it in the Schedule Editor, making me wonder if I didn't schedule it after all But when I attempt to add the schedule again, I get a message that says a schedule already exists with that name, so where could it be Are we unable to view future dated schedules in Smart Notes
0 3288 1
6/22/2015 11:00 AM
1 Replies and 96084 Views and 0 Subscribers Setting Default Delivery Device after User Device Import  96084  1  0 Started by  Matt Gordon I have successfully imported user devices and they show up under Manage Content > Devices but I do not know how to set the device as the default for the user. I have used the group subscribe and it works to add the subscriber but only those that have set their default receive the notification. On the others, if I have them log in, their default device is not set to anything. Is there a way to force these imported devices to be the default from the Admin perspective
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by  Matt GordonJump to last post
7/14/2015 2:52 PM
0 Replies and 3319 Views and 1 Subscribers Run weekly, compare annually  3319  0  1 Started by  thummel1 Hi, I recently learned that a Smart Note we have set up to run on a weekly schedule to look for new keys in the HR07 table is not being used. This is because there is a lot of in and out maintenance that happens in this table. For example, an employee is added to this table on a temporary basis to help cover while a manager is out of the office for various reason, or perhaps to cover because a manager has left. This has been causing employees to re-appear because the Smart Note sees them...
0 3319 1
8/12/2015 1:57 PM
3 Replies and 92227 Views and 2 Subscribers Info Set Error  92227  3  2 Started by  thummel1 Hi, I built a query that contains a sub-query in SQL Developer. The query executes just fine in SQL Developer. When I paste this SQL into my Info Set in LBI TEST, I get this screen that prompts that says 'enter parameter values' and contains multiple rows of the data fields that are in my headers. I don't have any parameters build into my SQL so I am not sure what in my SQL could trigger this message prompt. I tried to attached a word doc of the error as well as Any suggestions are appre...
3 92227 2
by  thummel1Jump to last post
8/28/2015 3:44 PM
0 Replies and 3303 Views and 1 Subscribers XML Smart Note  3303  0  1 Started by  thummel1 Hi, I am looking to build a Smart Note where the data would need to be converted to an XML format. I saw there are a couple XML options when I go to Notifications, and click on 'Related Info', then go to 'Formatting Template'. There is: XML via HTTP XML via SMTP Has anyone formatted a Smart Note in XML format before and if so, how has that worked for you Curious to know if there are any setup tips I should be aware of if attempting to set up a Smart Note this way Thank you,
0 3303 1
9/25/2015 6:53 PM
0 Replies and 3269 Views and 1 Subscribers Schedule is missing  3269  0  1 Started by  thummel1 Hi all, I have 3 schedules set up in Schedule Administration that cannot be viewed for editing or deleting. I know they are set up because when I attempt to add another one with the same name I receive a message that says 'A schedule with the same name already exists'. Has anyone experienced this before and if so, how did you remedy I was wondering if there was a limit to the number of schedules that appear on a page, as I do have many, but there is not a 'page 2' option to view...
0 3269 1
11/16/2015 7:20 PM
6 Replies and 93864 Views and 0 Subscribers Two recipients for a single SmartNote email  93864  6  0 Started by  Steve Erdman I frequently hear the complaint, 'I didn't get that SmartNote'. Sure, I can go into the delivered history and produce a screen print of which SmartNotes were sent, the dates and the recipient's email address, but I cannot view the *content* of what was sent (which would also be great if anyone knows of a way to do that), nor can I say that the email was actually *delivered*. Sure, I can use a UNION query in the Infoset and produce two separate rows and two separate emails with the same content...
6 93864 0
by  Steve ErdmanJump to last post
1/5/2016 7:05 PM
3 Replies and 96871 Views and 2 Subscribers Duplicate Row Info Set  96871  3  2 Started by  thummel1 Greetings, I have an Info Set that is designed to deliver a Smart Notification to managers when employees are due for various required exams. It has Employee ID, Exam Type, Due Date and manager email. There is one employee that has 2 unique Exam Types due on the same day for the same manager. When I update the info set, the Info Set ignores attempt to create a duplicate record, which is excluding one of the Exam Types for this one employee, but this is clearly not a duplicate record becasue ...
3 96871 2
by  thummel1Jump to last post
1/22/2016 2:38 PM
3 Replies and 98227 Views and 0 Subscribers Reporting from LBI Tables  98227  3  0 Started by  Robby I've created 2 listings reports, one lists all our InfoSets and the other lists all our Notifications (Alerts). I've looked everywhere in the LBI tables and can't seem to find where I can link these 2 lists I would have thought there would be some data (such as 'metadata id') in the notification data fields that would tell me which InfoSet is being used by a Notification (Alert). Has anyone figured this out
3 98227 0
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
4/25/2016 11:25 PM
4 Replies and 91138 Views and 1 Subscribers Help deciphering cron_expression for SN  91138  4  1 Started by  Greg Moeller Has anyone had any luck deciphering the cron_expression field in the QRTZ_CRON_TRIGGERS table For example: I have 10 0 9 * 6 * I know that this notification is scheduled for 9:00 M-F I get the 2nd and 3rd fields, but what do the other fields mean
4 91138 1
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
5/3/2016 1:35 PM
2 Replies and 94113 Views and 0 Subscribers Smart Note Delivered Inventory  94113  2  0 Started by  thummel1 Hi, Is there a way to easily extract a list of all the delivered Smart Notes The purpose is to be able to identify possible issues with delivery from time to time, but also to understand Smart Note volume and activity. The only option I've found is to go to Delivered Alert History and sift through page after page. I've been doing a copy/paste into Excel so I can do further analysis, but is there a way to export this list instead Thank you!
2 94113 0
by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
7/22/2016 5:17 PM
2 Replies and 90694 Views and 2 Subscribers Pictures within SmartNote changing  90694  2  2 Started by  thummel1 I have a Smart Note that delivers a letter in the body of the email, that contains links to various places or videos on our intranet. The links in some cases are nice visual pictures to click on. In some cases, some customers have said that the picture doesn't look like a picture; instead it looks like a funky icon with an x in a small white box. The link still works, it is just visually unappealing. I check a few of the Outlook settings and the Windows version and service pack of one recipi...
2 90694 2
by  thummel1Jump to last post
8/11/2016 5:41 PM
0 Replies and 3003 Views and 0 Subscribers Define Info Set Issue  3003  0  0 Started by  thummel1 I am building a Smart Note to generate to managers. The SQL executes in SQL Developer. Form there I copy/paste the SQL into the Info Set in 'Step 1'. When I advance to Step 2 of the Info Set setup, when I click on the 'Auto-Create' option, nothing generates. I have manually added each column and saved the meta data successfully. When I 'update' the Info set, it says it returns 1 record (And should be appx 13 as SQL Developer and the 'preview' displayed) but when I preview the 'sample' after the ...
0 3003 0
9/6/2016 4:47 PM
0 Replies and 3071 Views and 0 Subscribers Excel as a Source  3071  0  0 Started by  thummel1 Is it possible to use an Excel spreadsheet as a data source for Smart Notes We have some processes managed this way and we've been discussing ways to send alerts to managers that appear on the spreadsheet when certain conditions are met. A Smart Notification would be a great way to deliver the message. Thanks!
0 3071 0
9/7/2016 2:50 PM
0 Replies and 3958 Views and 1 Subscribers Template and Smart Notes  3958  0  1 Started by  thummel1 Hi, I am on Lawson version 9.0.1. We have a Smart Note that gives us a list of individuals each day. The Smart Note is the only way we have to get at the new 'keys' that are added to this table each day (PERSACTION), We need the data for each individual to populate onto a form that we have designed. The form was designed in MS Word. Is it possible to have this MS Word form(or it's 'look') loaded as a template LBI, and add the data for each data field in the corresponding 'spot' on the form, so t...
0 3958 1
9/15/2016 2:35 PM
1 Replies and 95825 Views and 1 Subscribers Stop Smart Note when no Data  95825  1  1 Started by  thummel1 Hi, is there a way to stop a Smart Note from emailing to the Device if the Info Set did not return any data THE Smart Note is set to generate 'When Data is Updated' in the Delivery options The report is scheduled to run daily, but the end user does not want to receive a notification when no records are present in the Info Set. Thank you,
1 95825 1
by  SaraPJump to last post
11/18/2016 4:59 PM
0 Replies and 2851 Views and 1 Subscribers CSV as Data Source for SN  2851  0  1 Started by  thummel1 Hello, looking to use a CSV file as a data source for smart notes. The SN would need to look for null values in a string field. Eventually, there may be more conditions to look for (e.g. Column 1 is null, or, Column 2 = Y and Column 3 = No). Is this possible conceptually I was able to set up a CSV file as a data source, but am stuck here and have several questions such as: When I update the Info Set it returns an 'errors' message, but I can still preview the data Do I need to create a measu...
0 2851 1
3/20/2017 2:41 PM
0 Replies and 2769 Views and 1 Subscribers Confirmation of Delivery Device  2769  0  1 Started by  thummel1 Hello, I have an email I set up as a delivery device for Smart Notes; however, the email confirmation is not being delivered to the recipient. We noticed the email address if 48 characters. Does anyone know if there is a character limit when delivering Smart Notes to customers Thanks!
0 2769 1
4/18/2017 8:33 PM
0 Replies and 2654 Views and 1 Subscribers Migrating Data Sources  2654  0  1 Started by  thummel1 Hi, is there an easy way to tell if when I created a Smart Note Solution Pack, if I accidentally did not uncheck 'Include Data Source Details' under Data Source options I am wondering if that detail would reside in any of the XML documents that are saved in the solution pack and if so, how do I find that (since I am not an expert at XML language).
0 2654 1
5/24/2017 4:11 PM
0 Replies and 2609 Views and 1 Subscribers Changing ownership of Smart Notes  2609  0  1 Started by  thummel1 We recently upgraded to V10. I was tasked with migrating all smart notes to V10. In the process, I became the 'owner' of all smart notes. My colleagues can no longer see any Notifications. In some cases, I have full editing rights of other's notifications, and in other cases I do not have editing rights, and the original publisher cannot even see them, thus no one has editing access to some of these notifications. We have instructions that explains how to change ownership of notifications, w...
0 2609 1
7/17/2017 2:57 PM
2 Replies and 93779 Views and 2 Subscribers Deliver LBI report in Smart Note  93779  2  2 Started by  thummel1 Hello, is it possible to deliver LBI reports in a designated format (e.g. Excel, PDF) as an attachment in a Smart Note The goal of this would be to eliminate a step where certain staff are tasked with running an LBI report, exporting, saving, and emailing to other customers within the organization that do not have LBI security access. Just wondering if Smart Notes have this type of functionality
2 93779 2
by  Mark PetereitJump to last post
11/1/2017 10:54 AM
4 Replies and 94901 Views and 1 Subscribers Align Columns  94901  4  1 Started by  Randy Can't seem to get the syntax right to align the columns in SN. Admin manual say's it should look like this for column 1. Not working. colopt1|align=center&colopt8=no
4 94901 1
by  RandyJump to last post
12/13/2017 7:52 PM
0 Replies and 2757 Views and 1 Subscribers Pending Action Reasons Table Name TM  2757  0  1 Started by  thummel1 I am creating a Smart Note that points to Talent Management that will deliver to any employee who is terminating from the organization. We would like to exclude pending terminations where the reason for terminating is involuntary. My understanding is that the S_EMPL table stores the pending actions; however, this table does not appear to store the pending action reasons tied to the action. What is the name of the table that stores pending action reason codes that tie back to the pending actio...
0 2757 1
2/26/2019 8:43 PM
7 Replies and 91553 Views and 2 Subscribers Infoset as Attachment?  91553  7  2 Started by  thummel1 Hi, we are on LBI V10. I am looking for a creative way that will allow data to be sent as an email attachment in a smart notification outside of the organization. Ideally, I'd like to convert the data generated from an Info set to an Excel or CSV document, include it in the notification as an attachment versus in the body of the email, and deliver to the recipient. All creative ideas are welcome, thanks, Tania H
7 91553 2
by  Dave CurtisJump to last post
7/9/2019 4:58 PM
1 Replies and 91477 Views and 1 Subscribers Header row not lining up in SN email  91477  1  1 Started by  texasInstruments I am trying to send a simple email with changes/deletes. I have the process working now but for some reason even when I am not using a Template I am still seeing the data come over in a table that does not have header/data lining up. When I send the email as plain text, I can see the html tags....how do I just get the header and data in alignment in an email
1 91477 1
by  Dave CurtisJump to last post
5/8/2019 7:34 PM
0 Replies and 2847 Views and 1 Subscribers Smart notes to Mobile devices  2847  0  1 Started by  thummel1 A law recently went into effect requiring new employees receive certain information on their first day of employment as well as confirmation of receipt of this information. For existing employees, they must receive information 'in advance' of the change, although no confirmation of receipt is required. Ideally we would like to leverage functionality within Lawson to deliver this information electronically, and for the new employees, build in the functionality to allow them to respond electro...
0 2847 1
7/8/2019 6:47 PM
1 Replies and 96662 Views and 1 Subscribers Infoset Query String errors out  96662  1  1 Started by  thummel1 I have an SQL Statement that successfully runs in SQL Oracle, but when I add it as an Info set in the Smart Notification tool I receive the following error message: 'Error: ORA-01756: quoted string not properly terminated'. I have double quotes around all my column headers. I also have single quotes around any strings that are part of case statements. (e.g. case when x = 'ABC' then 'Pass' else 'Fail' end as 'Test') My SQL is almost 2500 rows, with very complex case statements. Some strings...
1 96662 1
by  thummel1Jump to last post
8/21/2019 8:50 PM
0 Replies and 3496 Views and 1 Subscribers Create Smart Note to capture PR116 job  3496  0  1 Started by  thummel1 I am attempting to capture all pay records updated via a PR116 and deliver a Smart Note to employees to confirm they have had a scale increase. Is there a way to isolate for only the records updated via a PR116 I was hoping there is a table that can intercept the data before PR116 is processed, capture the date after PR116 is processed, but be able to isolate for only those records that tie to that PR116. Thoughts
0 3496 1
5/22/2020 3:58 PM
0 Replies and 3011 Views and 1 Subscribers Language Translator  3011  0  1 Started by  thummel1 In certain smart notes we need to offer the option for employees to translate the message in the smart smart note to a different language. Has anyone included a language translation option into any of their smart notes
0 3011 1
9/9/2020 9:39 PM
1 Replies and 633 Views and 1 Subscribers Adding images to Smart Notes  633  1  1 Started by  thummel1 Hi, is anyone able to add images to Smart Notes these days Images, specifically for our logo, used to work when we saved to a file path on a local server, then they broke when we changed to Sharepoint. I tried using the Sharepoint url, and we have tried using a folder location in the LBI server, and all attempts return a non-image icon. Here are the following HTML codes I have tried using, is it my coding that is incorrect or are images no longer compatible with Smart Notes We are on version10...
1 633 1
by  thummel1Jump to last post
7/31/2023 8:29 PM
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