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0 Replies and 3325 Views Peformance Testing with Loadrunner  3325  0 Started by  lauries We are receiving an error when we try to run Loadrunner. The error states it cannot locate the portalconfig.xml file. Has anyone recently used this product for performance testing, and if so, what type of issues were encountered
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07/25/2016 10:32 AM
0 Replies and 3517 Views DMP as a stand alone  3517  0 Started by  sfussell We are using the M3 DMP for forcasting, only. We are currently uploading historical data , in flat files. I was wondering what your views on going this route are. We are still in the beginning stages of this, as we have had little to no help from Infor.
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10/29/2014 1:18 PM
3 Replies and 20106 Views BPW Install - Compile fail  20106  3 Started by  Roger French We're installing BPW on Windows 2008 R2. When it's compiling, the compile error pop up says: 'Failed to Compile - &91;BC_BSE_Organization_Flat_File_Source&93; Composer (view) in &91;Lawson Catalog&93; Reason: There are unmapped column(s) Unmapped column(s): Company Number Accounting Unit Company Accounting Unit Company Name Person Responsible Company Nbr Name Org Level 01 ' We stopped the compilation, and manually checked the BC_BSE_Organization_Flat_File_Source. I coul...
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by  WillJump to last post
11/26/2012 7:15 AM
3 Replies and 20168 Views Lawson Viewpoint - Installation/Issues  20168  3 Started by  ram32bo Has anyone installed Lawson Viewpoint yet We currently have it working through Smart Office but are attempting to distribute it through its various methods. We've attempted to install the standalone product but are running into authentication issues when launching the standalone product. Anyone have this installed We also have a link in LBI that launches the viewpoint silverlight product which is also giving us authentication issues. We are able to see the views, but are not able to see any da...
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by  WillJump to last post
08/01/2012 8:19 PM
1 Replies and 22503 Views Lawson BPW Base Analytics Installation  22503  1 Started by  Greg Jungels I'm implementing Lawson's BPW and LBI Solutions. I have installed the software, and installed the BMM for the Base Analytics( I believe). We are using M3 BE 13.1. When I installed the BMM, it added a new 'table' in the Data Sources: LBI1. We followed the instructions to created the dataset in M3. When we try to compile the new object in BPW, it gives us an error that the table BPW_Staging.dbo.O123456 does not exist. There is a LBI1 table in the Staging database. Incidentally, the ...
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by  WillJump to last post
07/24/2012 2:26 AM
1 Replies and 20008 Views BPW Install questions/issues  20008  1 Started by  tenather I am new to the Lawson world, so don't laugh!! I am trying to install BPW and it has become an absolute headache. I can get the repository built, source meta data loaded but cannot get a connection to he source created. Any installation tips What might I be missing during the install I have to keep using custom since it doesn't use the right data/log drives I have setup in MS SQL SERVER. Environment: OS Win 2008SP2 64bit, SQL Server 2008 R2 64bit, source S3 9....
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by  WillJump to last post
07/24/2012 2:10 AM
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