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Shannon S
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    I am looking for ideas to implement into my department for process improvements. Currently, we struggle with keeping inventory accurate and I wanted to see what others have implemented to help improve their inventory accuracy. 


    • Do others have separate receiving set up for thier inventory location? 
      • We currently have auto-receivers set up for our main distributor but causes issues with our inventory if not next day delivery, as it will auto-receive into Inventory but the product has not yet arrived. 
    • How do you hold staff accountable for picking (issues/returns)? 
    • Daily, weekly, monthly tasks for IC to keep department running smooth 

    Thanks in advance!! 


    Kat V
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      How are you auto receiving? We have 856 EDI Receipts from our main distributor (Cardinal) set by their distribution center. Any DC in our state is set to release an 856 to us - the others are turned off in their system. So only the items arriving "on the truck" from the local DCs are auto receiving.
      Kat V
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        Inventory - Daily Pulse Points (As recommended by a Lawson Consultant):

        1. IC46 – verify that your inventory value “looks right”.
        2. IC37 for yesterdays date –verify that issues and receipts seem to be “in the same ballpark”.
          1. If you want more than one day or are “catching up”, run the IC287 for a date range.
          2. If something looks wrong with issues:
            1. IC55 will show you released issues.
            2. IC21 will show you unreleased issues.
            3. IC220 will print all released issues.
            4. IC222 will print all unreleased issues.
            5. IC25 can be used to release multiple documents
            6. IC282 – Req Loc Usage – can be used to track what Pick for Par
            7. IC285 – Issues by Par – can show you what has been going up to the floors.
          3. If something looks wrong with Receipts:
            1. PO58 will show you released receipts
            2. PO230 will show you unreleased receipts
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