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    I am struggling with making our lab inventory into a par cart record.  I think it may be due to HOW our locations were set up.  It is best described by the flow chart. (I'm a visual person.  It was easier to describe this way rather than type it all out.)


                                                                                               IC00.1 (Corporate Item Group) GMC



                                                                                                        IC11 (Item Master) GMC   

                                                                                                           /                                \

                                                                                                         /                                    \

                                                                        IC12 (Item Location) GMC                   IC12 (Item Location) GMC LAB

                                                                            /                          \                                         /                  \                                

                                                                          /                                   \                                     /                           \

                                                                      RQ10                            IC83                         Cannot get these set up to work. 

                                                                Replenish via                Replenish via                       Either I'm doing it wrong

                                                             Requisition Center          Par Cart Record                   OR we need to set this as

                                                                                                                                                     Corporate Item Group.

                                                                                                                                                SUGGESTIONS OR IDEAS?



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