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Last Post 4/27/2018 2:49 PM by  ScottCT
Change sorting order MWS070
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3/28/2018 10:47 PM

    I am sorry to bother you guys with such a basic question but our "IT Expert" in my company is totally useless person and I am just an M3 user without IT knowledge.

    I just asked her to change sorting order according to date (from ascending, that is default, which is quite stupid btw, to descending so that I can see the newest transaction of my selection on the top) in MWS070.

    Could you please confirm, that this is possible (she said "M3 panel views cannot be changed to suit a particular user likes" which is nonsense, even I know that) and advice step by step how to do it?

    Thank you


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    4/27/2018 2:49 PM
    You're IT person is partially correct. Some cannot be changed. BUT, as with most browse programs, MWS070's sorting orders are easily changed. But would recommend adding new ones instead of changing the default ones in case you others in your organization using them.

    The steps are pretty easy
    1. CRS021 - create sorting options
    2. enter the table name into the File field. Enter
    3. enter a name for the sorting option (X1, U1 etc) then create.
    4. Enter the fields you want to sort by. In your case, the transaction date. You have an option here to Check the Descending checkbox.
    5. hit enter(the rest of the fields may fill in here by default. It's best to include the Table indexes)
    6. Next, CRS021/f opens.
    7. Next again (unless you need to omit records or make other selections) until you are back in CRS021
    8. Select the sorting option > Right Click > related options> Activate. The status should go from 10 to 20.
    9. Open CRS022 - sorting order open
    10. find MWS070 in the drop down.
    11. Create a new sorting order using a numeric name (i start at 99, then work backward for additional ones 98, 97 etc)
    12. fill out the description and name.
    13. Enter the name of the sorting option you created in steps 1-9 into the sorting option field.
    14. hit next.
    15. On CRS022/f, you can enter a default view for this sorting order. or leave blank to use the default view of the program.
    16. Click next until back in CRS022/b

    Done!Open MWS070 and select the sorting order you created.

    for reference:

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