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Last Post 7/27/2018 3:59 AM by  Michaela S
Changing Storage Method
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7/27/2018 3:59 AM

    In our company, we store products on racks. Bottom shelves are for picking (let's call them picking area) and top shelves are for storing and replenishing of the bottom shelves (let's call them store area). Only bottom shelves have a number of a location, all products sitting on top shelves are located in the system on the same location that belongs to an item in picking area. 

    For example: an item 205.206 is placed on a location FB12A01 in picking area. We have 2 boxes there and another 5 pallets physically sitting anywhere in the warehouse in store area, but in the system, all quantity of 205.206 is located on FB12A01.

    I want to set up locations for all warehouse, that would be still divided into picking area and store. I think that in our case Storage Method 3-Multiple with ROP would be the most suitable (currently, we use Storage Method 2-Multiple Locations, although we do not use multiple locations for one item and I was told it is not possible). 

    Could you please explain to me, how big the change of the Storage Method in the system is? In my understanding, we will have to change the Storage Method for all items and set up ROP for all locations in the picking area. I was told by IT that the field "Storage Method" has other programs that need to be set up which sounds quite complicated.

    Does anyone use multiple locations for one item and how it works?

    Thanks for your comments


    You are not authorized to post a reply.