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Last Post 01/11/2018 1:16 PM by  JonA
Crash Carts on IC81 - Par or Exchange
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12/26/2017 11:03 AM

    Has anyone put a crash cart on IC81? Or have you used exchange carts?


    My central stores maintain the crash carts and make sure all the items are back in the correct tray and the unit has a new one, etc.  They are doing this manually as the carts are standardized across our system but have one item in several spots. 

    For example, the tape is in every drawer of the cart.  They know they must have 2 rolls per drawer in seven of the drawers and 4 rolls in drawer five.  I can create a par loc in IC81, but I cannot tell it


    D1-1 ITEMA 2 RL

    D2-1 ITEMA 2 RL

    D5-1 ITEMA 4 RL


    It wants me to put it all in one location and give it a par of 19 RL.

    If I used exchange carts, does it allow this?  Any ideas?  Ideally, I'd like the stockroom to grab a handheld and just scroll.  Right now they are manually writing it down and going to IC21 and RQ10 both because some items are stock and others are non-stock and ordered as they're used/expire.


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    01/11/2018 1:16 PM
    Each drawer would have to be it's own par loc. Whether it's a par or exchange cart you can't add an item more than once to one location. I thought at one time you could add an item multiple times on a par if the uom was different but that doesn't seem to be the case now.
    Jon Athey - Supply Chain Analyst - Materials Management - MidMichigan Health
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