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Last Post 10/30/2018 4:37 PM by  andrusa
BR40.1 Upload Help
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10/30/2018 4:37 PM

    Hello everyone, 


    Hoping you can help me create a BR40.1 (and/or BR40.3) upload template (especially mapping the fields). Currently, I'm reclassifying expenses from one task to another via BR40.1 - marking for transfer, then clicking on "Transfer," which takes me to BR40.3. In BR 40.3 I specify the new activity, category, vendor, amount, etc. I do this for every expense line item - a very time consuming task.

    I'm trying to create an excel upload to speed up the process. I'm a little confused when trying to map the field & columns, since there are only about six entries per window (gotta page down to see next six entries). Given that there are multiple expenses, do I map them all to field number #1? 

    Any feedback is appreciated. 



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