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0 Replies and 4031 Views TEM Inbasket landing page  4031  0 Started by  Gok87 Hello Gurus,   We recently upgraded to LTM v11 and TEM same version (as Infor is not releasing any more versions for this)and LRE - After our upgrade we have an option for the TEM Inbasket landing page as a configuration. i believe the URL is still the same as the LTM inbasket landing page. Somehow we are not able to get it right and LTM, IPA works perfectly.   Any idea what we are missing   Thanks much!
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8/8/2016 5:56 PM
3 Replies and 55282 Views Landmark / Travel Expense Mgmt Application  55282  3 Started by  BrianP Is anyone considering this new solution We are reviewing TEM solutions and would like to hear any feed back. (Unix, S3, do not currently have Landmark) Thanks.
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by  Keli Miller SCL HealthJump to last post
4/22/2015 7:33 PM
1 Replies and 48255 Views Time And Expense To iSeries  48255  1 Started by  wwaters Has anyone implemented Lawson Time and Expense where Lawson APPS and Database are running on an iSeries  If so, do you have any documentation explaining the setup
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by  Pete HenryJump to last post
2/1/2012 11:58 AM
1 Replies and 51896 Views Time Entry Policy and the database  51896  1 Started by  Justin R I am trying to write a policy for time entry and I need to look at PTO that has already been taken.&160; I essentially want to warn/block them if they are trying to use PTO time&160;that they have not accrued yet.&160; &160;I know where the data is, I just don’t know how to get to it.&160;Is there a way to read from the database from within a policy&160;
1 51896
by  pma_jayJump to last post
1/24/2011 3:27 PM
1 Replies and 51888 Views ETExpRpt Status Codes  51888  1 Started by  m1live Does anyone have a listing of what all the status codes in ETExpRpt are Thx. M
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by  John CrudeleJump to last post
11/20/2009 12:12 PM
7 Replies and 53248 Views Browser crashes at login    53248  7 Started by  Deleted User Hello, a bunch of us PSA users have an issue where upon entering our login and password and pressing enter, have internet explorer 6 (and 7) crash.  The window just closes with no error. My machine was re-imaged and it then worked, but after installing my apps, the same thing happens.  Any ideas before another re-image and loading programs and trying Lawson after each install Also, are there any other browsers besides IE that will work  Firefox just hangs when loggin...
7 53248
by  GaryWJump to last post
4/16/2009 8:06 PM
1 Replies and 51203 Views Re doing OT, with PTO time  51203  1 Started by  HR123 Is there a method to compare the cost saving if PTO hours were excluded from allowing an employee from reaching the 40 hour level&160; Thanks,
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by  Phil SimonJump to last post
4/3/2009 11:52 AM
1 Replies and 50400 Views Jumping Time Bug  50400  1 Started by  Deleted User &160; Just a heads up.&160; It looks like there is a bug in are version of T&E where it suddendly moves forward by an entire year when calculating next day.&160; Lawson has verified this bug and we are hoping to get a fix from them in the next or so.&160;&160; The effect of this bug on are rules&160;is that the year end timecards may not look at the entire time card.&160; The line where the bug show up is dtBeginDate = System.Date.add(dtBeginDate, 'd', 1); If you print the output o...
1 50400
by  Deleted UserJump to last post
12/29/2008 9:49 PM
5 Replies and 49295 Views t&e approvals with processflow  49295  5 Started by  dgwilson Does anyone know the secret to getting time & expense mgmt to work with processflow for approval routing We've run pfserv config, looked at the sample flow files installed in the \Process Flow directory on the psa server, setup the appset settings to tell psa to use processflow instead of psa approvals, but we are unable to submit an expense report. When we attempt to submit an expense report, we get the error message, 'an error occured in COM invocation.&160; Error information: Sou...
5 49295
by  John HenleyJump to last post
12/23/2008 6:25 PM
3 Replies and 54283 Views 7 minute rounding  54283  3 Started by  NicoleM Our company has employees enter their specific start and stop times.&160; Our previous timekeeping systems allowed us to set up a rounding rule for calculating minutes into hours.&160; What we want to do: EE clocks in 0-7 minutes, the time is calculated at the beginning of the quarter hour.&160; Minutes 8 - 14&160; = the next quarter hour.&160; How can we get PSA to do this&160; If PSA can't do this, should we modify ET530&160; Or something in between&160; Is that risky&160;
3 54283
by  John HenleyJump to last post
6/27/2008 8:14 PM
11 Replies and 52819 Views PSA - Expense Management  52819  11 Started by  Stephane Hi there, We are running Expense Management on production since a couple of month now. We are using Lawson 9.0 Portal with Finance/HR Application 8.1. Windows 2003 IIS and Webshere are running for the Portal and W3k3 IIS is use for expense management. There is single sign-on setup between portal and PSA. Using this configuration, our end users pass thru the portal to access everything (Finance applications and Expense Management) Problems happen to some end users only when they t...
11 52819
by  StephaneJump to last post
2/12/2008 3:36 PM
2 Replies and 61430 Views PSA ERD  61430  2 Started by  Garry D Hi, I was wondering where I could find documentation similar to what's on this site under the ERDs menu for the PSA module of Lawson. Thanks!
2 61430
by  Garry DJump to last post
10/14/2007 8:12 PM
3 Replies and 55899 Views timeentry not included in reports  55899  3 Started by  Deleted User User submits the timecard in the portal.But it is not being included in the reports.What should be done to include the entry in the report. can someone help me in this Thanks!
3 55899
by  John HenleyJump to last post
8/31/2007 11:13 PM
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