Time Entry Policy and the database

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Justin R
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    I am trying to write a policy for time entry and I need to look at PTO that has already been taken.  I essentially want to warn/block them if they are trying to use PTO time that they have not accrued yet.   I know where the data is, I just don’t know how to get to it. Is there a way to read from the database from within a policy? 

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      Hi Justin,
      Which database are you referencing? Front office (SA or TM) or the Financials schema? You can definitely read the SA/TM database from policy code. We've written many similar balance policies for other clients.

      Policies can be a bit of a challenge to code but once functioning can be a big value in terms of employees getting time correct at the point of entry.

      Your post is a few months old, are you still interested in this type of policy? If so please let me know - we'd be happy to provide technical assistance or provide you with the policy itself.

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