Worthwhile Reading
What it takes to succeed as a CIO today

Three top tech recruiters weigh in on the value creation mindset and strategic acumen necessary to thrive in what’s become the next toughest job after the CEO role.
CIO,January 5, 2023

Is the IT Strategic Plan Working for Your Organization?

An IT strategic plan is supposed to give management and staff a framework for what they are doing over the next three to five years -- but does it?
Information Week, September 28, 2022

Don’t let buzzwords drive your cloud architecture
Many enterprises follow the crowd and choose as many hyped concepts as possible. Don't do it. Work from the requirements to the solution, not the other way around.
Infoworld, February 24, 2023
Cracking the Code for Skills-Based Hiring

One reason skills-based hiring has been slow to take hold is that employers, particularly in tech, don’t always understand how to put it into practice. Here are three ways to get started.
Information Week, October 19, 2022

6 key board questions CIOs must be prepared to answer

The board expects the CIO to be a critical agent for business change. Be ready to address these tricky, timely questions to assure your board that IT is being led in the right direction.
CIO, August 29, 2022

Top cloud strategy mistakes CIOs can’t help making

Enterprise IT is increasingly fueled by the cloud. But IT leaders who don’t know how to blueprint for success are in for frustration, failed implementations, and could-be cost catastrophe.
CIO, December 20, 2022

24 mistakes that make hiring IT talent harder

From failing to align hiring with business objectives to insisting on brand-name experiences, IT leaders too often put their organizations at a disadvantage in today’s tight talent market.
CIO, October 18, 2022

How IT Leaders Can Survive While Helping Mergers Succeed

Corporate mergers have become a way of life, and maybe no department is more stressed by them than IT.
Information Week, October 11, 2022

SEC’s Regulation S-K HCM Disclosure Revisions

On August 26, 2020, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (“the SEC”) announced its first significant set of investor disclosure requirement revisions in the past 30 years. These revisions require that investor communications such as prospectuses and annual reports include more detailed descriptions of human capital management risks and impacts on the organization. They are mandatory for any organization that is publicly traded on any US stock exchange (whether based or headquartered in the USA or not) and that asserts that human capital is “material” to their business.
Human Capital Management Institute, December 2022

The art of delegating: 6 tips for IT leaders

Letting go of vital tasks can be challenging. But CIOs can free themselves up to tackle higher-level issues and build stronger teams by viewing delegation as a key leadership skill to develop.
CIO, August 25, 2022