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When Organizations Halt or Walk Away from IT Modernization

IT and data directors from enterprises still have some questions about strategies to shake up their infrastructure with new technology and practices.
Information Week, March 9, 2020

Coronavirus: Managing (and pivoting) during a crisis

If you weren’t entirely prepared for COVID-19, you’re not alone. Ensuring business continuity in crisis management mode requires the right mix of technology, patience and agility. This collection of Insider Pro articles may help.
Insider Pro, April 20, 2020

Remote work tests CIOs' soft skills amid coronavirus crisis
From virtual office hours to Yam Jams and WFH Slack sessions, CIOs are doing everything they can to keep their teams connected during a pandemic that has driven them, physically, apart.
CIO, May 21, 2020
It's Time to Reconsider IT Career Paths
In an ever-changing work environment, organizations are exploring new ways to keep tech experts happy in a non-management role.

Information Week, December 11, 2019
6 tips for renegotiating service contracts

Tight times require a fresh look at existing contracts to see how costs can be curbed or new capabilities can be obtained — but a collaborative ‘win-win’ approach is your best bet.
CIO, April 24, 2020

CIOs prep for the coming IT recession

CIOs say that the coronavirus crisis has proven the value of IT, especially for organizations that were ready with mobile approaches and where the CIOs were tightly connected to other business counterparts.
Insider Pro, April 28, 2020

5 IT Career Tips from Pros Who Know
For those looking to put their best foot forward or get unstuck from a career plateau, we've collected tips from IT pros who have navigated a successful career.

Information Week, December 5, 2019
Telltale signs of IT dysfunction — and how to fix it

Transformational success can be derailed by a dysfunctional IT culture, the roots of which often can be traced to silos, org structures and little desire or incentive to collaborate.
CIO, February 12, 2020

Get Serious About SaaS Management in the Enterprise

While a software-as-a-service model leaves processing in the service provider's hands, there's plenty of work left for the IT group when it comes to administering the relationship and in supporting employee users.
Information Week, February 26, 2020

Adapt or Perish: Why Modernize IT Operations
Operations teams can learn to identify and act to remove roadblocks to necessary changes that might help organizations modernize more quickly.
Information Week, November 27, 2019