Worthwhile Reading
7 tips for getting out of a bad vendor contract
When a seemingly sweet deal turns sour, it's time to prepare an exit strategy. Here’s how to preserve essential business operations, your vendor relationship and your job.
CIO, June 13, 2019
Artificial intelligence seen taking over most project management functions
While the full merits of artificial intelligence are still being debated, one area where AI will have a dramatic impact is with project management efforts.
Information Management, March 21, 2019
IT Organizations at Crossroads on Digital Transformation
A Hackett Group survey suggests many IT leaders are uncertain about how to improve their ability to address evolving business requirements.
Information Week, May 6, 2019
3 things every CIO should know before they migrate to the cloud
Enterprises are continuing to express their love for the cloud and that’s not surprising. Public cloud security has improved to the extent that enterprises are comfortable with the idea of offloading infrastructure management to other entities. Even highly regulated industries, such as healthcare and finance, are tip-toeing in the direction of the public cloud — albeit with reservations, and with their less-sensitive data and workloads.
Information Management, March 1, 2019
4 steps organizations can take to upgrade legacy software
The relationship a company has with legacy software is often difficult to explain. But there eventually comes a time when it’s necessary to move on and upgrade to a newer solution. When that time arrives, do you know how to facilitate a seamless transition that puts your business in a position to maximize long-term success?
Information Management, March 5, 2019
What the CIO's Role Says About Your Company
The roles of chief information officers (CIOs) can vary significantly. Some are strategic business leaders, others are tactical implementers, some fall somewhere in between. What they do says a lot about your company.
Information Week, April 16, 2019
5 steps to performing an effective data security risk assessment
Will there ever be a time when organizations can predict and pre-empt cyberattacks before they take place? Such a utopia would need threat intelligence systems powered by deep learning. So for now, every organization should assume that someone will definitely attack them, and prepare accordingly.
Information Management, March 2019
Digital Transformation Rx: Moving Health Care to the Cloud
Modernizing an industry that is under federal compliance mandates and historically has been slow to embrace new IT can require an extra bit of finesse.
Information Week, January 31, 2019
As quit rate soars, employee flight risk gets attention
Economic growth is encouraging employees to look for other jobs. The quit rate is the highest it's been in 15 years. HR is now trying to identify employee flight risks.
Tech Target, April 8, 2019
Pressured by pending procedures, surgical practice pays ransom
Crippled by a ransomware attack, Columbia Surgical Specialists paid nearly $15,000 in January to regain data after hackers maliciously encrypted records.
Information Management, March 11, 2019