Store Questions & Answers

How do I pay for my purchase?

When you check out, payment is accepted via one of two methods:

1. PayPal (for Credit Cards). If you select PayPal as your payment method, you are transferred to the PayPal website, where you can pay using an existing PayPal account, set up a new PayPal account, or pay with a credit card without setting up a PayPal account. PayPal accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards.  While on the PayPal site, your transaction is processed via SSL (i.e. secure HTTP).  Neither nor Decision Analytics has access to your credit card information.  Please see the PayPal site for further details, or contact us via email at if you have any questions or concerns regarding PayPal. Official PayPal Seal
2. Email (for Checks/Purchase Orders).  If you select Email as your payment method, you will receive an email confirmation upon completion of your order.  Your purchase will be complete, and your reports available for download, upon receipt of payment.  Submit Purchase Orders and send payment to:

Decision Analytics
3118 John Marshall Drive
Arlington, VA 22207-1375 USA
Phone: 703-534-6153
Fax: 703-229-8267

What do I get with my purchase?

You are purchasing a Crystal Report .rpt file, which you can connect to your Lawson database in order to meet a specific reporting need for your organization.

What version of Crystal do I need?

The reports are all created with Crystal XI, and should work fine with recent versions of Crystal.  Some reports use the Crystal "SQL Command" feature, which was introduced in Crystal Reports 9.  If you run into any issues, I will work with you to fix them.

OK, I bought one.  Now how do I get my report?

Once your purchase has been completed (i.e. payment has been received by Decision Analytics), your report (compressed into a .zip file) will be available for download.  If you pay for your purchase via PayPal, this will happen immediately; if you pay via check, this may take a couple of days, but you will receive an email notification once the report is available for download.

How does the report access the database?

There are a number of ways for Crystal Reports to connect to your database:  

  • Reports using Lawson OLE DB use OLE DB (ADO) Connector for Lawson OLE DB Services
  • Reports accessing IBM DB2 databases use the native DB2 Unicode provider included in Crystal Reports; the IBM DB2 client software must be installed on the reporting workstation/server
  • Reports accessing Oracle databases use the native Oracle Server included in Crystal Reports; the Oracle network client software (e.g. SQL-Net) must be installed on the reporting workstation/server
  • Reports accessing Microsoft SQL Server databases use OLEDB (ADO) / Microsoft OLEDB Provider for SQL Server; Microsoft SQL Client (e.g. MDAC) must be installed on the reporting workstation/server

In order to make the reports as generic as possible, they DO NOT have a hard-coded schema qualifier, so if you use a schema qualifier for your tables (e.g. lawprod.EMPLOYEE), you will need a reporting username for each database instance, e.g. lawprod vs. lawtest, etc.

How does the report handle security?

For reports using the Lawson OLE DB Provider, Lawson Security will be enforced.  For reports using a native RDBMS provider, the assumption is made that the report user who has access to run this report will have security access to all Companies, Process Levels, Accounting Units, etc.  Each organization has different data security requirements; all reports not using the Lawson OLE DB Provider require SELECT access to the tables accessed by the report. 

How do I download my report?

Use the 'My Purchases' option on the 'Store' menu.  Click on the 'My Orders' button.  If you have placed multiple orders, click on the order you wish to download; otherwise, your most recent order will be display.  Click on the order's 'Download' link. 

Can I customize my report?


Can I give my report (i.e. the .rpt file) to someone else?

No.  As part of your purchase, you are agreeing to use the report within your organization ONLY.  You are not allowed to sell it, give it away, etc. or otherwise distribute it to another party.  In other words, you can't give the report away at user group meetings, post it on the internet, etc.  Please do not violate this Agreement by giving away or distributing the report.  We ask that you respect the hard work we put into developing it.  Thank you.

Who's running the store? and the store are owned and operated by Decision Analytics

Does Lawson support my report?

Absolutely NO.  Any support you need will be provided by and Decision Analytics. Please email if you need any help with your report.

Who provides on-going maintenance and support for my report?

For post-purchase support, including further enhancements to this report to tailor it to your organization, please email