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Product Dimensions    

Started by  kyle
Is there anywhere other than GTIN that a dimension can be tied  to a UOM of a Lawson number  All products do not have GTIN numbers and I need to see if I can get dimensions loaded by UOM.
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9/26/2016 7:47 PM

PO SHP fields in IC02    

Started by  Kurt L Guldner
Does anyone have any experience with the fields below and what they possibly stand for in IC02  There is no field help and I cannot find on Infor.  I am looking for a field to input our Distributor Account Numbers and since IC02 doesn't have a User Field these would work but I don't know if they link to anything.  Thank you.  
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by  Kurt L GuldnerJump to last post
8/26/2016 1:00 PM

MSCM-Item not crossing    

Started by  Patricia Mane
We have several inventory locations within our facility..  Our Surgery Center added a couple items and replaced a couple.  When they attempt to do the download to handhelds for counting, we have this one item that will not cross over.  It has been verified and everything is setup correctly.  Outside of bouncing the server, can anyone provide any guidance on what else to look at.  It is our understanding that items should cross within seconds of being added to an inventor...
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by  JimYJump to last post
8/22/2016 4:51 PM

Patient Charges From Lawson Directly    

Started by  Preston Burdwell
We currently use Pyxis to drop charges to our billing system. We were asked if Lawson can do this directly. Is anyone using Lawson to drop charges to their billing system We realize we would need an ADT interface coming into Lawson to accomplish this.
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by  Deborah GriffinJump to last post
8/1/2016 11:59 AM

Passing Item Cost to Surgical Systems    

Started by  Kathy Todt
For those that are using Lawson Clinical Bridge, how have you gotten item cost from Lawson over to your surgical systems (ie Cerner, Epic)  What is your process  Do you wait until a PO is issued to capture updated pricing and interface it over, or do you have a mechanism that interfaces cost over at the time the item is changed in Lawson which could be in advance of a PO being issued
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by  JonAJump to last post
7/19/2016 7:19 PM

Available Interface with ITMS (Four Rivers)    

Started by  Patricia Mane
We currently use TMS to manager work order for Facilities as well as Clinical Engineering.  They were informed by Lawson as well as TMS (which I believe the vendor is Four Rivers) that there is an interface being used today that will send data between the two.  Who out there has heard of this  I wasn't able to find any documentation related.   Thanks Trish
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6/22/2016 4:17 PM

Month End Process    

Started by  Dennis
I'm at a large system of hospitals in North Texas.  Does anyone have a step by step month end process for Supply Chain that they would be willing to share
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by  Onyi2000Jump to last post
5/10/2016 1:06 PM

S3 Prod Table List    

Started by  AReilly
I am looking for an editable list, preferably Excel, of all table names under each section of S3 Production. For example, under 'PO, Purchase Order' in Prod, I'd like an editable list of all subsequent table name, e.g. BUYCLASS, BUYER, POLINE etc. I want to be able to do comparisons for what tables exist in different cubes we have built in order to 'harmonize' different data mart environments. I can't seem to find any way to export this data. Appreciate any help you folks can provide.
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by  Greg MoellerJump to last post
4/28/2016 5:50 PM

MA54 Matching    

Started by  Star Briscoe
I working with my MMIS team to eliminate touch points on EDI Invoices (810), however we are receiving a considerable about of line errors for invoices that if over wise keyed would match perfectly.  I have several questions:   1. What is the benefit to the line number match.  Currently the invokes require a PO and there is a 3 way match on item , receipt and Cost.   2. Is there anyway to ignore the line match as to not create false errors on the MA54  
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by  JonAJump to last post
3/30/2016 12:29 PM

RQC version 10    

Started by  Scooter
We are upgrding to version 10 and want to carry over customizations added to RQC version 9. Does anyone know if directories and files stay the same  Where can I get a list of RQC directories and files  Lawson RQC v10 Install Guide is useless. Thanks.
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by  ChescaJump to last post
10/29/2015 1:42 PM

Mass price changes    

Started by  Donna Simkovic
I've been trying to find out if there is a form that can be used to do mass price changes, similar to how PO13.3 will change a vendor item number.  How can I apply a price change to every agreement where an item appears, without using add-ins
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by  JonAJump to last post
9/17/2015 12:47 PM


Started by  rdias
I am curious to learn how other companies capture the following information at the requisition level:  physical location (when purchasing capital assets) and whether the purchase is for a replacement item which should trigger a disposal form to be completed so an existing asset can be disposed of.  Our legacy form had fields to capture this information but these fields are not available in Lawson.   Thanks.  
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6/19/2015 4:10 PM

Brush Up on my Lawson SCM Knowledge    

Started by  patrick J
Hello All, I need to brush up on my Lawson SCM knowledge and was wondering the best route to accomplish this. The last time I worked on Lawson was 2008. I'm needing to refresh my memory very quickly. Any recomendations will be appreciated. Thank you very much  
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11/21/2014 3:06 PM
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