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Last Post 08/05/2016 1:47 PM by  Jimmy Chiu
Crystal Reporting in the Cloud
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08/04/2016 2:23 PM
    Hello All,

    We currently use Crystal Reports with Lawson for financial reporting. Our current Production database is on a dedicated in-house server. The reports seem to run fine in this environment. We are now migrating to the Cloud and have modified the data source for all CR to point to the Cloud database. The database is called the LSLMDB in the Cloud Server. We are noticing a drastic drop in the run time of some reports especially ones where data is being retrieved for both the current and prior years.

    Is there anyone that uses the Cloud to retrieve data with CR? Did you notice any degradation in the run-time when pointing to the Cloud. If so, can you please provide some insight on how you solved the problem or what options to look at?

    I appreciate any insights that you may have to share.

    thanks in advance,
    Jimmy Chiu
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    08/05/2016 1:47 PM
    In straight speaks. The performance of your in house database server locally is drastically greater than the cloud database server factors in network latency over long distance to reach it.

    Determine the bottleneck and increase the resource appropriately. The most common bottleneck for database server is the storage subsystem. If your cloud provider offers premium storage or high performance storage (ssd) for example, that would be a good starting point to look at. Check the memory/CPU/network utilization also.
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